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United healthcare viagra The fans have spoken and the man they want to run the baseball operations for the New York Mets is Howard Megdal. United healthcare viagra Howard’s message of LOGIC, united healthcare viagra TRANSPARENCY  AND PASSION has stuck a cord in the heart of Mets fans. United healthcare viagra All three facets of Howard’s campaign is the bedrock of what being a Mets fan is all about.

United healthcare viagra Tomorrow evening at 6:15PM Howard will accept the Mets fans nomination for GM with an acceptance speech at Citi Field, united healthcare viagra Parking Lot E. United healthcare viagra After the speech, united healthcare viagra Howard will present his impressive resume to Jeff and Fred Wilpon and hopefully they will realize that there is only one man to lead this organization out of the malaise it is in that has injured the heart and soul of every Mets fan and that man is Howard Megdal.

United healthcare viagra Here is the press release detailing Howard’s primary sweep and I would like to thank the readers of The Eddie Kranepool Society for voting 82 % in favor of Megdal to be the next General Manager of the New York Mets.

United healthcare viagra After receiving thousands of votes over the course of 18 grueling primaries at blogs dedicated to the Mets around the Internet, united healthcare viagra Howard Megdal will graciously accept the nomination of New York Mets fans to be the next General Manager at 6:15 PM Thursday night in Parking Lot E at Citi Field.

United healthcare viagra

United healthcare viagra Megdal won every primary he entered, united healthcare viagra with a vote share of 65 percent or greater in 17 of the 18 contests, united healthcare viagra and averaged a vote share of greater than 74 percent. United healthcare viagra Considering that Metsblog currently rates the fan confidence rating in the team at 9 percent, united healthcare viagra there can be no greater sign that Fred and Jeff Wilpon are listening to the wishes of the fans than by making Howard Megdal the next General Manager of the New York Mets.

United healthcare viagra

United healthcare viagra “I have been honored and humbled to be chosen by so many fans, united healthcare viagra motivated by my pillars of LOGIC, united healthcare viagra TRANSPARENCY and PASSION as guideposts for this baseball team’s future in 2011 and beyond, united healthcare viagra” Megdal said. United healthcare viagra “I look forward to speaking with the Wilpons, united healthcare viagra earning the job that so many fans want me to have, united healthcare viagra and drying forever my daughter’s baseball-related tears.”

United healthcare viagra

United healthcare viagra After Megdal concludes his speech detailing his vision for the future of the New York Mets, united healthcare viagra he will submit his resume to Fred and Jeff Wilpon. United healthcare viagra T-shirts will be available, united healthcare viagra and Megdal will answer questions from the press or fans before doing what he loves most—going to watch a Mets game with his wife and daughter.

United healthcare viagra

United healthcare viagra Howard Megdal writes about and analyzes the team for and Capital New York, united healthcare viagra has covered it for The New York Observer, united healthcare viagra and knows the personnel and players, united healthcare viagra both on the field and off. United healthcare viagra He write three columns a week for New York Baseball Digest, united healthcare viagra four pieces for SB Nation New York, united healthcare viagra and a poem summarizing every single game for  He also has a wider-range view of the league and a network of contacts, united healthcare viagra contributes columns to outlets like and The New York Times, united healthcare viagra and regularly writes for United healthcare viagra You can follow him on Twitter @howardmegdal.

United healthcare viagra

United healthcare viagra He has lived and loved the Mets since he was six years old. United healthcare viagra When he was 13 years old, united healthcare viagra his school Principal forced Megdal to spend the day in his office, united healthcare viagra since the school had declared Phillies Hat Day, united healthcare viagra and he refused to remove his Starter pinstriped Mets cap. United healthcare viagra Had he agreed to remove the Mets hat, united healthcare viagra he would have been set free. United healthcare viagra But that was too high a price to pay.

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