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Alternative female viagra Jon Niese has had a fine season, alternative female viagra sure there needs to be improvement in areas as locating his pitches down to induce more ground balls and bring down that hits to innings pitched split (165.1 IP/177H) but all in all Niese looks like a guy who will gives you chance for a well pitched game at every start. Alternative female viagra But right now he’s tired. Alternative female viagra Niese has pitched 165.1 innings this season, alternative female viagra a season where he had a little setback with hamstring trouble, alternative female viagra the same hammy that ended his season early last year, alternative female viagra so with that piece of history and the fact he’s hinting that he’s short arming the ball a bit and dropping arm angle, alternative female viagra signs of fatigue that they are, alternative female viagra why not shut him down for the season.  Give The Thief  Niese’ next start, alternative female viagra which will be in Florida. Alternative female viagra Don’t worry no one will be there to notice.

Alternative female viagra Last year after the NY Football Giants last game of the season which ended a second half from hell, alternative female viagra Giants owner John Mara was asked about the team finishing 8-8. Alternative female viagra Mara said there are good 8-8 seasons and bad 8-8 seasons and that was  a horrendous 8-8 and an  embarrassing 8-8. Alternative female viagra  I wouldn’t call the Mets road to finish .500 an embarrassment because from the winter on I didn’t have much faith the team would compete for a postseason berth but the way the team played in the first half of the season had me rethinking my position on that. Alternative female viagra But then right after the All-Star break the team showed its true colors and wallowed in the wading pool of mediocrity. Alternative female viagra So as this season winds down, alternative female viagra the last few weeks are not as bad as last year where the team just dogged it and used injuries as a crutch, alternative female viagra for the most part the team competes ever night. Alternative female viagra  But the fan base is tired and close to being burnt out. Alternative female viagra So for a needed break  I’ve been more concerned about the NY Rangers and happy that training camp is open just to see some of the young guns that Slats Sather is telling us will make this team. Alternative female viagra Ah youth, alternative female viagra ain’t it grand.

Alternative female viagra That’s the one thing as a Mets fans that is keeping me going and anxious about what changes will be made in the front office and in the dugout.  You could sell me right now on a total youth movement.

Alternative female viagra The best part of the Joe Torre news of his departure from the Dodger dugout, alternative female viagra is the expression from Highlander fans with their beloved Donnie Baseball taking over as Bums skipper.  If you ran a poll of Highlander fans between the ages of 40-50 years old and asked, alternative female viagra of the two Derek Jeter and Don Mattingly, alternative female viagra who is your favorite Highlander, alternative female viagra the results would surprise you. Alternative female viagra While the Mets were lighting up the town in the 80’s Mattingly was all the Highlander fans had. Alternative female viagra  I’m  sure most of the ones who watched Mattingly Era wish the news was Donnie Baseball was headed home to run the Bombers.

Alternative female viagra If Joe Torre becomes the Mets manager for a second go round, alternative female viagra this site will morph into the Dick Dietz Society.

Alternative female viagra “Leave them alone and they’ll come home hitting home runs beside them.”

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