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Cialis soft canada I read where Jon Heyman is spouting off about the Mets dealing Carlos Beltran to theRed Sox in a package that would include Jacoby Ellsbury  so long as the Mets eat about $15 mil of the $18 mil owed to Beltran in what will be his walk year.

Cialis soft canada As stated here time and again I am not a huge Carlos Beltran fan. Cialis soft canada He is an extremely talented player and a player who has produced for the Mets at a rate that Mets refuse to acknowledge. Cialis soft canada I think my frustration with Beltran is he’s been here so long, cialis soft canada I think I’m just tired of him. Cialis soft canada So that is really on me and not Beltran. Cialis soft canada There is no statistical measure or in depth analysis I’m just a bit sick and tired of watching him. Cialis soft canada That said, cialis soft canada to trade Beltran along with nearly  90 % of his salary and have Jacoby Ellsbury as the centerpiece of the deal is out and out ludicrous. Cialis soft canada Why would you deal off Beltran to save a measly $3mil ?

Cialis soft canada I think if that is the best deal the Mets can find for Beltran, cialis soft canada then you’re better off keeping him. Cialis soft canada The problem with keeping him though is where do you play him? As of now, cialis soft canada Beltran is a right fielder and if he’s is on board with that it would be a huge plus for the Mets in 2011. Cialis soft canada If he turns into a sour puss over the move, cialis soft canada then you may have no choice put to move him for pennies on the dollar.

Cialis soft canada Beltran is not my cup of tea, cialis soft canada but I respect his talent, cialis soft canada I hope he accepts the right field job and has a career year, cialis soft canada maybe I’d warm up to him if he did.

Cialis soft canada Bobby Parnell is done for the season with an inflamed elbow. Cialis soft canada Hopefully he recovers over the winter and is strong and ready for spring training.

Cialis soft canada I guess Jerry Manuel has found out what a lot of people who don’t see the world through pinstriped glasses knew, cialis soft canada that St. Cialis soft canada Joseph of Torre is as phony as a counterfeit fifty. I have to side with Manuel here, cialis soft canada look we all know that Manuel is a goner after October 3, cialis soft canada  Seems The Sports Bloviator had a love fest with St. Cialis soft canada Joe on WFA N yesterday prior to Torre and his pet prodigy Donnie Baseball showing up for the unveiling of a monument as big as Mount Rushmore in honor of the late convicted felon and two time suspended owner of the NY Highlanders, cialis soft canada the Bloviator badgered Torre about becoming Mets skipper in 2011. Cialis soft canada Instead of giving the standard hand job, cialis soft canada saying that the Mets have a manager and it would inappropriate to talk about a job that someone is still employed (even though we know the skids in the Mets clubhouse are greased up like Weezer for Manuel) Torre politicked for the job to which Manuel found that a clear violation of the mangers code. Cialis soft canada It’s all about St. Cialis soft canada Joe.

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