I saw none of last nights Mets-Phillies game as I had a much better evening enjoying a night at the theater taking in the play LOMBARDI. If you are a football fan this is a must see show. If you are a fan of the theater this is a must see show. Dan Lauria looks like a clone of the great coach and Judith Light is outstanding as Marie Lombardi. Both should be up for Tony Awards for their performance.

After the show, we strolled around 8th and 9th Avenue has it such a warm night and the bar’s and restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen were jam packed. Every joint has big screen TV’s and I swear every place we passed had the Highlanders-Red Sox game on. So the only word I had on the Mets-Philies game was that the Amazin’s bit the dust again for the sixth straight via a mobile phone alert, so it wasn’t until this morning that I found out there was a bit of controversy in the game concerning Chase Utley aggressive/dirty slid into Ruben Tejada to try to break up a double play. Of course the Mets did a lot od staring and yapping from the dugout and after the game David Wright talk very softly on how that slide just wasn’t cricket and maybe the Mets should re-think their approach when it comes to sliding into the bases. Gee David ya think?

The Phillies love picking on the Mets for a couple of reasons, they know that the Mets never retaliate and they know it drives the fan base nuts.

Was Utley’ slide dirty? It was late that’s for sure but there is always a thin line between hard aggressive base running and dirty base running, it’s all in the eyes of the team getting run at.

It should make for an interesting game tonight as Jerry Manuel has kind of put his team on notice that they have to take it into their own hands on how they want to respond to Utley (as he is a short timer here) and Wright has stated the team needs to send a message.

The Mets have the right pitcher on the mound if they wish to rumble with the Phuck Phaces as Dillon Gee has proven he has his teammates backs in Buffalo.

So let’s see if this is just the Mets clucking and waving their feathers or if there really are a pair of cojones in those athletic supporters

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  1. Utley’s slide was aggressive baseball.

    The media members looking for a story last night were asking the wrong questions. They should have been asking the offended Mets why they never seem to make aggressive slides to break up double plays.

  2. Sources have told me that oldies music stations will no longer be playing songs from the year 1986.

    That’s a long time ago. Isn’t it ladies?

  3. Yes, the statement that they will make is that they are a bunch of candy-asses and will do nothing.

  4. If I were you Michael, I’d stop looking in our window and worry about an early exit in the post season for Highlanders. As tough as our season has been, with the exception of Tons O Fun Sabathia I would take any of your starting pitchers over the Mets starters. Oh by the way we’re all Rays fans here as Stu Steinberg of the Canarsie Steinberg’s is a long time Mets fan

  5. I am stunned, not only did they reply, but it was Beltran, no less.

  6. pfh64-Talk about Carlito’s Way WOW Beltran tired the 7-10 split with Utley and Valdez tip your Mets cap to Beltran as he stepped up and walked the walk

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