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Viagra india A few nuggets as I pray my roof doesn’t leak tonight, viagra india it may be a long, viagra india long night on Staten Island:


Viagra india

Viagra india Says who? Says Matt Pignataro of 7 Train To Shea that’s who. Viagra india Matt’s source tell him that Minaya will be relived of his GM duties and WIL NOT be reassigned in the organization. Viagra india It’s the only move to make. Viagra india Just pay him and wish him well we’ve got rebuilding to do around here. Viagra india By the way, viagra india Matt will be my guest this Tuesday night Oct 5th at 10PM ET on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO.


Viagra india Adam Rubin on ESPNNewYork has a Take ‘Em or Trash ‘Em poll on the website. Viagra india Some of the more interesting results are 58 % of the voters say to Trash Carlos Beltran. Viagra india I’m sure the organization would love to move him but how much of his contract would the Mets eat to get Beltran out of town? It will be tough enough to move Beltran due to his salary but now with this lastest flare up with his knee, viagra india it could be near impossible. Viagra india I love how the Mets and Beltran are talking up the fact that the MRI on his knee show that it’s just inflammation and that his knee has healed nicely since the surgery. Viagra india It seems to me the only thing Mets management and Beltran agree on is they both hate each others guts.

Viagra india 97% say Trash Luis Castillo, viagra india my question is who are the 3 % who voted to keep him? Same with the 2% out of 100 % who say keep Oliver Perez.

Viagra india 93 % say David Wright needs t stay and 77 % think Jason Bay will rebound in 2011. Viagra india The voters also overwhelmingly want The Skill Sets, viagra india Omar, viagra india and Manuel out of here with a huge negative vote. Viagra india Oh boy is this going to be one helluva winter!


Viagra india Yeah I know it’s not Mets related but this bugs the living shit out of me. Viagra india I despise Tiki Barber, viagra india always have while he played for the G-Men as he always came off as a selfish “Me-First” prick and I do not feel he belongs in the NY Giants Ring of Honor. Viagra india Seems Barber could not take the high road when promoting the unveiling on Sunday night of the Ring of Honor as Big Mouth Tiki trashed Coach Tom Coughlin saying he was losing the team and that Coughlin has to treat people with more respect. Viagra india A guy who cheated on his pregnant wife giving advise on treating people with respect, viagra india WOW what an A-1 scumbag.

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