As sad as the season has been with another post season less autumn in store for Mets fans, yesterday was a glorious day at Citi Field.  It was Gary, Keith and Ron Day at the ballpark which is sponsored by Pitch in For A Good Cause, a charity endeavor run by Gary Cohen’ wife Lynn who by the way, would make a great GM of the Mets as she is the most organized and passionate about her work  more than any one currently involved in the Mets organization.   I got to meet and take pictures with Gary and Ron Darling (I’ll post them up sometime today) but I was most happy to meet Kevin Burkhardt who I’ve enjoyed trading Tweets with all season. Kevin is also a reader of this site and for that I must have thanked him a hundred times. As great as Kevin is on TV is an even nicer guy in person.

I was so happy to meet up with Kathy Foronjy and Joe Coburn who I first met about five years ago when they were starting to film their award winning documentary  on Mets fandom,  Mathematically Alive. Kathy and Joe and Stephen (sorry I never got your last name) were kind enough to follow myself and my family as we gathered to go on the outfield warning track for the National Anthem and I thank them for that.

It was a nice afternoon to commiserate with fellow Mets bloggers Dana Brand and Greg Prince, two gentlemen who should be on the search committee for the new baseball czar of the Mets.

Top that off with home runs by Chris Carter, Lucas Duda (a majestic blast that went about 15 rows up in the Pepsi Porch) and David Wright, who really Cadillaced around the bases after getting buzzed by Tyler Clippard, I was waiting for Wright to do the Willie Montanez stutter step at each base.

I watched Jerry Manuel make a strange move by bringing R.A. Dickey into the game in relief in the 8th inning. On the ride home listening to Mets Extra, Wayne Hagin felt the media was going overboard on their questioning of the move (Hagin is clueless and in fact I wouldn’t mind seeing him get a pink slip either) , as Manuel said he wanted to show whoever is here in the future, that Dickey could pitch on his bullpen throw day and to let Dickey get an ovation from the fans. From reading Dickey’s locker room response it doesn’t seem like he was totally in agreement with the move, but R.A. being the well spoken and savvy guy we have grown to love, handled it perfectly.

No matter how happy you are that there will be a change in the manger and GM for the Mets and make no mistake both Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya should be fired, the way the Skill Sets are handling this is really bush league, but then again when it comes to comes to these difficult moves the Skill Sets have never been known for being classy.

In the next week, I’ll be posting my who should stay and who should go list but I’ll say one thing here about the next GM, he or she should come from outside the organization.  This organization needs a whole new set of front office personnel and if the Skill Sets want to keep Minaya on payroll then make him a scout and send him out on the road and let it be known he has absolutely no say in any personnel moves. If he wants to travel Latin America then by all means go but I really want the next person in charge  to be THE person in charge. With Jeffey Skill Sets still involved though that might be a pipe dream.

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  1. I have to admit, I was happy about Dickey coming into the game yesterday, but I assumed it was something Manuel had spoken to him about. I just figured knuckleball pitchers have often pitched on very little rest and I thought the fans would like to give him a big ovation.

    Whatever about Hagin’s approval, Howie was absolutely gushing about it, thought it was a great move.

    I can understand why you don’t like Hagin. There are so many times when he says things that make you cringe. And he never disagrees with Howie about anything. I love Howie, but there are times when I think he’s wrong so there have to be times when Hagin has a different view, but he never says so.

    Sometimes Howie will contradict Hagin, but I get the feeling that the two of them like one another. In fact, I would not be surprised if Howie’s opinion is requested before they hire someone for the radio booth.

    However, there are other times when he displays an uncanny ability to call the next play. He seems like a top of the range student of the game, but not a great announcer.

  2. {That last paragraph got lost somehow, but that’s all about Wayne Hagin, not Howie.}

  3. Yesterday was a great day. I watched most of it from the Shea Bridge. The game almost, alomst I say, made you feel good. I was fortunate enough to meet up with a fellow Twitter/Blogger buddy at the game, and it’s always cool to meet these folks and put a face to the tweet. I’ve met KB twice, and both times he was gracious enough to take a photo with my daughter (most recently in LA this year). He’s a really nice guy.

    Someday, Mr. Kranepool, I will buy you beer! I’d like to get involved with the GKR thing next year. Speaking of, it’s the 10th (imagine that), so our off-season fun is on hold for at least a few more minutes.

  4. As for Hagin, I am not exaggerating when I say that in my mind, he’s the worst I’ve ever heard when the ball is in play. I don’t care if he’s a good or bad story teller, we have Howie for that. Howie is the absolute best there is. But when you can’t adequately call the ball in play, I say it’s time to follow Jerry and Omar out the door.

  5. The last game worked out perfectly: extra innings for the fans and an “L” for OP.

  6. kranepool says:

    I know Rich we need to meet up I’m glad you met up with Coop she’s great

  7. Indeed she is! She told me about a year-end piece she’s working on. Should be a good read. I really liked her overall thinking for it as she was explaining it.

  8. I guarantee, as certain as I was that Bush & Co.would invade Iraq no matter what, that Wally Backman[the fiery field general.sigh} will be the next manager.He’s cheap, he’s practically begging[remove the practically part],he’s cheap,he’s cheap.Did I mention that he will be inexpensive? Bobby V would be interesting,however he would cost them some money, which they are too busy burning with mooks like K-Rod,Ollie Ollie ,LUis Luis Luis, Jason bey,et al…heavy deep old familiar sigh…


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