So the inevitable happened this afternoon at $iti Field when Freddy and Jeffey Skill Sets put the fan base out of it’s misery by firing Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel. First off, can the MSM put the violins away and give Mets fans a break about the termination of both of these men?  I’ve never seen the media make a fuss over auto workers or teachers losing their jobs like they are about Minaya and Manuel. Minaya is leaving with a $2.5 mil golden parachute and by the way, it looks like Minaya is totally gone from the organization as he stated in his only as Omar can way, that he was offered a position in the org but turned it down as he feels a new GM should pick his own front office. He didn’t rule out a return to the Mets in some capacity but he is free to find employment elsewhere.

Minaya will find a job as a scout or player development person and by the way, I have never seen a guy so happy to get the ax like Minaya, he kept making the goofy grin after answering questions that quite frankly has me wondering if he is either relieved to the get the hell out Flushing or he’s an idiot.

Manuel will be fine as well, he will get a coaching job at a nice Christian school where he can play his Gandhi act with some Evangelical baseball players and they all go out and win one for the Baby Jesus.

With all the tweets I’ve seen on Twitter about telling fans to remember that “these are two good men who lost their jobs” and yada, yada, yada. Spare me the nice guy bullshit.  I’m sick and tired of the lets’ play nice mentality of this organization. Enough of Jeffey and Freddy,  who spewed the same old line of horseshit about how they love this franchise and how Freddy Skill Sets hurts after every defeat, wah, wah, wah cry me a fucking river. I’m sick and tired of talk, as the old saying goes ,if bullshit was electricity, the Mets would be a fucking powerhouse.  Give me a guy like Bill Belichick who is hated by the media because he’s a world class prick, but he is a championship winning world class prick.

Jeffey, Freddy, Uncle Saul and Dave the Shyster, you have no idea how much pain me and my brothers and sisters in Mets fandom feel.  You don’t wear Mets caps or Mets jerseys or jackets and have people say “you’re brave to wear that” I’m not brave you asshole, I’m loyal.  No matter how bad this team is and how badly the $iti Field personnel treat me and the constant urge to stalk Jeffey Skill Sets just to smack the shit out of him, I stick with this team though thick and thin and as a guy rooting for the Mets for 46 years there’s been a whole lot of thin but I still buy tickets, I still wear my Mets regalia with pride and I still stick up for this team when it’s attack by other fans.  I can bitch and moan about this team and organization every day at this site but I still count the days until spring training and the day tickets go on sale and make sure I secure my tickets for opening day. All I ask in return is for the ownership to make an effort to bring in a front office and players who have as much pride in the New York Mets as this fan base does.

I hope the Skill Sets were sincere in the message they portrayed today, that they want a solid GM who is progressive in his approach to building a baseball team. Minaya is a dinosaur whose way of running a baseball team is way in the past; it’s time to get this organization into the 21st century and use statistics along with scouting to build a solid organization. No more throwing money at players where you’re the only bidder in the auction. No more throwing millions at 30+ year old players who are as washed up as hypodermic needles on the Coney Island sand, no more turning the other cheek , time to step up for your teammates. The next 3-4 weeks may be the most critical in the history of the Mets franchise, let’s just hope we are not here this time three years from now regurgitating all this “we want to win” mantra. Please Skill Sets I’m begging you ,hire a Baseball Czar and let the man/woman whomever, run the baseball ops as they see fit.  Actions speak louder than words Freddy prove me wrong about you and your dopey son, please prove me wrong.

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  1. the ship of fools called The Mets, will never be reformed until Freddie sells & takes Jeffy with him. Otherwise it will be “Same Shit & Different Day.”

  2. Reading this reminds me why I enjoy this site so much. You nailed it again. My favorite Jeff statement from today is about the need to get tougher. I agree, JW. Now, get a competent GM who can bring in that toughness. And while you’re at it, have that GM bring in a field boss who is not afraid to rip someone a new asshole, you know, like when someone does not run out a pop up in second big-league game.

  3. I know this sounds weird, but while I would like to fire the owner, I know that the most likely replacement for them would be the Dolans’ and we all know how they and Isiah Thomas run teams. As for the current owners, I have said this forever, not knowing that the guy who actually built the most consistent small revenue team Terry Ryan is available. He is just a consultant now witht he Twins, and is a must get for the Mets. This is a man who built a team that plays the game the way it should be played and it starts with the minor leagues, where you either play the game the right way or you don’t play. I know they have not won any World Series, but they make the playoffs every year, in a division, where all teams start from relatively equal footing. Chicago is way too Cub happy to see what the White Sox have done for the last eight years, they may not always win, but they have built a solid team. A team (and a manager that we would basically cannonize, for his clear desire to win, no matter how crazy).

  4. The only thing this ownership cares about is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. It’s the straw that stirs their drink. They look for the LEAST amount of lay out for the MOST return. They keep charging us for “STEAK” and they are serving us “Ground Beef”.

    Enough is enough. For 2011, we have to hit them where is hurts. I was a Saturday Plan Holder for 24 YEARS!!! This year, I said UNCLE. No More. Best move I ever made. Sure, I still went to some games. Got great seats on Stub Hub. At 50% off. Best part was: 1- Went on My Terms.
    2- No tickets to get stuck with
    or try to get rid of.

    You see, after 24 years, I started to feel like just a number. Like I didn’t matter. That make me Mad. Are you with me for 2011? It’s easy…You just have to get Mad.

    Remember this:

  5. When an auto worker or teacher spends there time being ridiculed and abused in the public eye for every action they take then give me a buzz and we’ll play violins for them. And if you are to tell me that is the price they pay for making good money, then I’ll tell you yesterday is what you get for that on the return.

  6. Just keep reminding the Wilnots that they don’t want to open 2011 like they closed 2010- Empty Seats!

  7. How was there not one scribe, not one ink stained wretch who could put a tough question to Hank,er Jeff Wilpon? How come no one said”Listen all of this talk is crapola.We all know wally backman is the new manager who will be foisted upon whomever takes this job.The question truly is this:a new direction?”Do you really want M.A.D.D protesting outside Bailout Park? Do you want a guy who will shamelessly beg and criticize the incumbent?Do you seriously think he can handle the press asking him.persevatingly ,about his arrests? And when he ex9im]plodes,who does the damage control?Only Gary Carter was as despised by opposing players as much as wee wally,and Carter was a HOF player…btw,I am a recovering drunk myself, so I do have great compassion for anyone who is trying to deal with this disease.I am just not certain I want to watch it played out in the papers

  8. Patrick, I do not care who the manager will be. I like a lot of Mets’ fans would love the idea of Backman as manager, but I am all for anyone who will not accept prima dona, candy ass baseball or anything less than an all out effort to win. And not being afraid to stick the ball in the ear of anyone who does not respect the team. I have said it before, how has the “Dirty half-Dozen” players in the NL East that constantly shove it up the Mets collective “tucchuses” (did I spell that right?)over the last four years been able to calmly walk into the batter’s box, and not have ONE pitch between them in the ribs, saying, “sir, you are way too comfortable in the batter’s box against us”. HOW is that possible? That they continue to allow themselves to be embarrassed? How is it that no one has protected the teams’ best player David Wright, as teams continually throw up and in on him? These are not first time asked questions. All of a sudden, Beltran “became a tough guy” protecting Tejada? I was glad to see it, but then I saw how he slid the next day. Oh, that’s right, he didn’t even run hard to second base. I am sick of guys doing that and getting a free pass. Even the lowest of rookies makes 350k in the majors, not to mention about $125 a day in meal money. I could live on $125 dollars of meal money in a week. How about showing the fans, on a daily basis that you give a damn, about them, the team they root for, and the paycheck they are supposed to be “earning”.

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