Join me tonight at 10PM ET for THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Radio Show on BLOG TALK RADIO. My guest will be Matt Pignataro of 7 Train To Shea. Matt and I will go over the fallout from the dissmissals of Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel and give our opinions on the course ownership needs to take to get the Mets back on the winning track.

If you can’t join us live, you can listen to the podcast here at Kranepool Society (lower left side bar)  or at the show page on BLOGTALK RADIO and as a downloaded podcast on iTunes

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  1. I have been a NY Mets fan since I was 5 years old. I attended my first game, in 1965,the night they announced Casey Stengel’s retirement. I do not know ho many games I have actually attended without ever having a season pass of any kind[hundreds }.I remember Wes Westrum and Sheriff Parker,Joe the Cobra Frazier and George[where the hell is the exit} Bamberger. I actually saw Willie Mays play for the Giants [SF} and the Mets. I was at a number of games in 69 and 73[and all the intervening years] I have worn my Mets shirts though thin and thinner, accepting the taunts of Yengee “fans” as one would catcalls at a republican convention: a badge of honor .I wept and got loaded when Seaver was traded, cried when Lindsey nelson and Murph passed, cheered when M Donald Grant sold the team he helped to destroy with such ease.So much for my Bona Fides. Watching another losing season with the ever dwindling number of fans, then seeing the truly bizarre press conference between the Wilpons[ons{I like Fred, his son, well, think Bush jr,Franklin Graham, for examples of not too bright men siring veritable morons.}Now, the bullshit that was thrown reminded me of the art exhibit at Bklyn Museum where the pictures were smeared with Dung.No thing, as in nothing will come of this. It is the bankers saying[in between guffaws] that they have learned their lesson.It is the republicans talking about unemployment and the recession as if the democrats were in power all those years.It is all lies. The new Gm will be a toady who will listen to the boob son Wilpon, Wally Backman will be the ticking bomb in the clubhouse[the fiery field general.sigh.weep]nothing will change.When the mets were good and arrogant they had color[and black players, by the way]These guys quit on Clueless Willie Randolph and nice man jerry Manuel. They should hold Beltran over the Kosciusko Bridge by his heels until he pisses himself and make certain he does not ever dog it again. Reyes should get off the HGH[oh yes, Thyroid,right…} and someone should insert a foot in his ass.Wright, another nice guy who lives off of stupid pitchers,either moves in or gets traded. Nice guy, so is my neighbor, don’t want him playing third base,either. No more head first slides, 10 grand each time.Too much?Tough shit.If Pagan can run out every ball, if Clemente ran out everything, and Mays and Kailine and Henry AAron did, then these mutts should, too. And hey,Keith stop the bullshit, I saw you JOG down to first base many time on infield ground balls, and leave the dugout during the 6th game in 86,so stop this ranting as if you were Lou Gehrig. Time for an overhaul.Time to stop the bad craziness.The Tragic is back

  2. I am a relative newbie fan compared to you Patrick but
    It’s not difficult to see where you’re coming from. I’ve only
    Been following the Mets for a mere 14 yes but
    I understand. As Steve said Mets fan will remain
    Loyal Supporters but deserve something back!
    Passion and dedicating, putting yourself out there
    For your club and fans. Rey Ordonez was my
    Hero, so much money so little care shown by
    Some of today’s ‘Superstars’. Ike and Pagan
    Were great this year and was good to see. Reyes
    Needs discipline still and he shouldn’t do surely?
    Tulowitzki not fancy New York? ;-) Wright has
    Been a favourite for some years but he looks so
    Fed up with the team he isn’t the same. I want to
    Stay positive and hope we make good moves
    I’ll still be cheering. Well I’m only a silly English girl so
    What the he’ll do I know apart from I love the Mets, always!

  3. Apologies for the way this came out, typing on a iPod, I’m
    Hopeless! Anyway I hope we can get a leader in
    The clubhouse next season, a captain, but who would that be?

  4. kranepool says:

    Maz as we see it doesn’t matter how long you’ve suffered as a Mets fan we all have our knicker in a knot. None of us trusts the Skill Sets and we all hope they prove us wrong but we’re not holding our breath either that they will, and there is nothing more endearing than a silly English girl : )

  5. Maz.
    we don’t care how long you’ve been a fan, simple ardor will do…we’ve been hosed so many times we’re like mormons in buncoland

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