You know what? I’m glad Terry Ryan said he wasn’t interested in interviewing for the Mets GM job, I’d want nothing to do with anyone from the Minnesota Twins organization.  It’s one thing to lose a series to the Bronx Bastards but the Twinkies laid down like dogs. No fight whatsoever.

If your a Twins fan and what I’m saying here pisses you off and you say that my Mets suck , so who am I to call out a team for failure, remember this, the Mets at least split their six game this season with the Highlanders and there are only two teams the Pinstriped Pricks  fear the Mets and the Red Sox.

Oh so Phil Hughes is now a great pitcher after last night’s performance. As I said in the comments section to our resident Highlander contributor, Michael all Highlander fans were shitting themselves silly over their starting rotation and now after playing a team that gave up, they think they have three Cy Young candidates. They’ve all but forgotten their bastard child AJ Burnett, who will have to pitch in the ALCS  and kicked to the curb Javier Lopez, who is awaiting deportation to the National League.

Oh yeah I got my Highlander Hate on in full glory!!!!!

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  1. I think you mean Javier Vazquez, not Javier Lopez.

  2. I’m watching the game, begging the Rays to win. I promise you, the Rangers will do their Twins immitation if they play the Bastards in the ALCS.

  3. I guess I’ll have nothing to “fear” from the Shake Shackers for quite a few years. Whew!

    Believe it or not, I’m not a Boston hater. I have great respect for Theo and company.

    The only time I was pissed of at them was when that coward Petey sent Jeter and Soriano to the hospital. And Torre did nothing.

    Let’s have a moment for the great Solomon Burke who left us yesterday.

  4. Talk about barfing up your coffee and corn flakes. The story today is that Alderson would keep Omar on as a talent evaluator. Talent Evaluator? Are you fucking kidding? Yes, he found Dickey. But he also “found” Ollie, Castillo, Matthews, Jacobs, Igarashi….

    As Rubin says, how are this guy’s skills so critical that it justifies not having a clean break with the past? How can this team move forward if it holds onto the man who created what we are trying to break away from? This is the beginning of my worst nightmare. If they need a talent evaluator, find someone else! WTF are they thinking?

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