We Mets fans are a very impatient bunch, there are some in the fan base that want the GM job announced and the man for the job to get on with bringing us a championship caliber baseball team NOW!!!!!

I have news for y’all, no matter who gets the job, it’s going to take awhile before we see the seeds of a plan bloom.

The best thing about these interviews/auditions is it will bring a new voice from outside the organization who has no personal ties to anyone from executive to players.  I’ve always felt one of Omar Minaya’s biggest flaws was employing friends (Tony Bernazard) and being pals with players (Alex Cora). The Mets need a guy to come in and tear down that awful wallpaper and toss at the comfortable but falling apart reclining chair and not have a bit of guilt or emotion in doing so.

I will side with the nervous Nellies in our Metsfandom who feel if Sandy Alderson is THE guy for the job and the Skill Sets feel he is THE guy, then hire him. I feel  it’s Alderson’s job, he wants the job, he has the track record to do the job, so give him the damn job already. The only reason I think the Mets are going with more interviews is to find a scouting and player development director as well.

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  1. The Phils are the new Yankees? Philly gets big Fox national broadcast and NYY gets stuck out in cable (TBS) Hicksville? How the mightily obnoxious have fallen.

  2. The Mets sure seem to respect Bud Selig and all his voluntary rules so I just don’t see them making an announcement during an active post season series but I am hoping they will make a hire and announce it between the LCS’s and the WS because I think it’s important for the new GM to have some time to assemble a staff before the free agency period begins.

    Having said that, shouldn’t this next GM be the one hiring that scouting director?

  3. Maybe the Scouting Director will be Omar, because, you know, the sun will come up tomorrow.


  4. Peter, the LCS rights rotate from year to year. This year, the AL was going to be on TBS no matter who was in them. Same with the NLCS, it was going to be on FOX, even if it was Milwaukee & Florida.

  5. P.S. The TBS (in deference to their hiring of Ron Darling, who is great) stands for Terrible Broadcasting Sports.

  6. pfh64, I’d thank you to not interject Logic into my argument when I’m trying to Rabble-Rouse, if you please. Hey Yankee fans, you caught a break- no McCarver!

  7. kranepool says:

    GDHebner you’re think with logic Jeffey Skill Sets thinks in Pretzel Logic

  8. kranepool says:

    TBS: “We interrupt our “Everyone Loves Raymond” marathon to bring the 2010 ALCS”

  9. What a great game to watch on TBS last night! Wouldn’t you gals agree?

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