Now that the GM is in place, the next move to be made for field manager. Besides bombarding Sandy Alderson with inquires about his A’s team and PED usage, the next big discussion by the MSM will be who and how Alderson will pick a manager. There seems to be no shortage of candidates. Let’s look over a few of the candidates:

Wally Backman- The fans choice to be manager is Backman. But is this a wise choice? Fans love the fact that Backman has a Mets championship ring and has a Billy Martin feel to him. Fans love Backman so much that they disregard the baggage he brings with him. His stewardship of the Brooklyn Cyclones was a positive for Wally and when asked about the Mets job he made it clear that he would work with the GM and carry out the organizations plan. Backman doesn’t just pine to be a big league manger he wants to be the Mets manager. He will definitely get an interview but I’m not sure he’ll get the job.

Chip Hale-Very well regarded in baseball and was a bright spot on the 2010 coaching staff. An organization favorite, Hale comes from a strong fundamentals background with the Twins. I don’t know how much Alderson knows of Hale but the Skill Sets like him

Ken Oberkfell-A loyal organization man. Has success in the Mets system and in the Winter Leagues. The thing is I don’t know if Alderson wants to go with an organizational guy or bring in his own man.

Terry Collins-Well regarded as a coach and met with Alderson when he worked in the Mets Dominican Academy and has managerial experience. If not manager, Collins could find himself as Mets bench coach.

Lee Mazzilli- This one I don’t get at all. Supporters say he got a raw deal in Baltimore under the Angelos reign of terror. Still I don’t get this one at all.

Clint Hurdle- Had a nice little run in Denver and he seems to be media friendly and now that he’s on the Texas staff he has some exposure.

Bob Melvin-Uhhhhhhh NO!

Now you have to figure Alderson has a list of candidates from his days in the A’s and Padres front office and the big relief I have is the confidence that Alderson will make the right choice who ever he chooses. When was the last time we could say that about a Mets GM?

I’m a Backman supporter as I saw him in action this summer in Brooklyn and his teams were very aggressive offensively kind of like what we’ve seen from the Texas Rangers this post season. Backman had the rep of protecting his players which in turn garners respect of his players giving him a good handle on the clubhouse. The bigger issue with Backman would be how he handles the media. For all the fun and games of Jerry Manuel’ pre and post game pressers he really told us nothing. But he had a nice smile and made people happy just like Jeff Francoeur another Flushing failure.

If Oberfell got the job I’d be on board with that as well. Talk about paying your dues, Obie has done that with the Mets and he shouldn’t be overlooked for the job. Same for Chip Hale. I love the fact that Hale has a Minnesota pedigree and I’d have to believe he would be a manager that would stress the fundi’s big time and also play an aggressive brand of ball.

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  1. I, like many Mets’ fans would love to see Wally Backman get the job, but I also can understand if he does not get the job. Like to see him at least get a shot at a ML coaching job (Oberkfell, as well). Hale, I can live with, but please, please, NO BOB MELVIN OR TERRY COLLINS (or that type), please. They would be nauseating.

  2. I agree with your post of a few weeks ago. To take in someone with a Twins pedigree, I don’t know. You may get fundis, but I see that organization as soft and would not trust someone comig from it. I have this re-ocurring nightmare about Alderson. He hired Art Howe. Enough said.

  3. Sandy has made clear that he does not want wee wally.Now, if Wally DOES get the job[he is at present acting as Jeff’s chauffeur} it will signal that Sandy is not in total.Before we get all excited about him, lets remember that the A’s were MLB drugstore for ped fiends:Jose Mark,Tejada,Giambi,and God knows how many others.the only team close were the Rangers of the Bush era, appropriately}Melvin would be a fucking disaster! Wally a train wrecj waiting to happen[taking the back of 20 year olds is not quite the same as the next level]he was not known as the brightest guy, where does this new found acumen come from?OBIe,sigh another nice guy.Hale maybe.Bobby V is in exile in the beer city watching packer games.this is a thin harvest

  4. I would rather Alderson go into his files and make his own decision rather than go with the unproven Backman right now. I would like to see Backman work himself up the ladder. I wouldn’t mind him being a bench coach to learn even further.

  5. Rich, I appreciate the words of support, and totally agree with you on your point about the hiring of Art Howe. Like I said, I hhave (like everyone else) already seen a bunch of name…I could live with a John Gibbons, I can live with a Hale, or even someone out of left field. Just please, please, please, I do not want the already known Melvin (and I had someone tell me he is a good manager) or the Collins types. To me those are Art Howe/Jeff Torborg part II. Unless you tell me that they are going to cut Castillo & Perez, and do what they have to do to trade Beltran, and get those clubhouse cancers out of here. If the owners and the new GM want to make that trade off, I’m in.

  6. Out with the old. I’m glad to have new choices to bitch about. As to ‘roids- I didn’t hear anyone, the used car salesman, the teams, the press, the idiot complaining fans who are bitching now, but loved all those muscle bound hrs from the freaks back in the 80’s say anything back then. No, Sandy owes no one an apology. Screw it.

  7. And word is that Sandy likes Omar and may give him a job. Moneyball, Art Howe, Omar…anyone else seeing huge red flags here?

  8. Maybe Don Wakamatsu?

  9. SERIOUSLY. I use to live in Seattle and he got run out of there quicker than cc gets to the buffet after a L. No bobby v in mil he text mad dog on wed and said no!

  10. Good CC line

  11. Interesting that there’s no mention of Torre. I don’t want him, but I’ve seen his name a few times.

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