Still going over the aftermath of Adam Rubin’ remarks about Wally Backman’ having no shot of getting the Mets managers job that he made on his ESPN chat and on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show last night.

There has been lot’s of debate on the ethics of Rubin, some are upset in the pro-Backman crowd and feel  Rubin is out to get Backman and some are upset with the tactics Rubin took in reporting this. The thing is, Rubin didn’t come out with a column to dish dirt on Backman, he was asked about Wally’s chances of being named the manager in a chat and stated there were things he heard about Backman via a source with the Mets and he feels he won’t get the job. I asked Rubin about this and I took away from the conversation that this has to do more with on the field doings than off.

As Mets fans we have to put our trust in Sandy Alderson  that he will hire the man he feels is the right man for the job.  I mentioned how I was afraid of a Bob Melvin hire thinking this would be Art Howe Redux, but Rubin stated that Melvin is no way an Art Howe clone.

I think we just need to sit tight Mets fans and be patient.

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  1. I’d like to nominate Dave Martinez, Bench Coach of the Rays, for consideration. He’s schooled in the Angels/Rays way of doing things. Under Maddon he learned to do more with less, to run run run, and play the Platoon which will keep our players fresh. Please, no more playing the Stars 155 games a year. But, hey, what do I know?

  2. Krane, have not we Mets’ fans been patient so far? It was a bad decision to say what he said the way he said it. There were other ways he could have put it, so that he does not become the story. If he said that the Mets are undecided and either want to give him a year or two at a higher level or as a bench/major league coach, that they want to see him over a longer period of time, or that they are interviewing him, and want to return loyalty to guys like Oberkfell and Teufel who have more time in the system, he would have been fine, but he made it sound like there is a sinister plot or something nefarious going on.

  3. omar nomore-a says:

    Regarding the link from Charlie – NFW Jason Werth signs w the Mets. His value is high and he has played the team enough to know what dogs they are.

    Alderson would be an idiot to sign any big ticket free agents before he clears the underbrush. The Mets will be really bad for at least two years and big $$ on free agents would be a waste.

  4. Perception is reality; no Bob Melvin. Thank You. Rubin ~ comment or column, he’s still ‘speaking’ in a public setting. Those were tantalizing words available for all to read. Ethical? (see glass houses and stones).

  5. kranepool says:

    Charlie, I can see taking a flyer on Webb for an incentive laden deal but Werth will not be on the Alderson radar screen Alderson was up front saying don’t look for any big ticket free agents this year for Mets By the way Charlie I like the new site!

  6. @kranepool

    Thanks, Steve. I know JW is a pipedream, but if ya can’t dream now…

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