Lot’s of news today about the new and improved ticket prices the Mets have announced. Yesterday afternoon, Dave The Shyster held a conference call with Mets bloggers to explain what a great deal the Mets were laying out for their fans as far as ticket prices go for 2011. As usual, yours truly was not invited to this event as I have found out from some very good sources that I have as much chance of being invited to a bloggers event at Citi Field as Keith Olbermann has of being the keynote speaker at the Tea Party Convention. From what I hear, the ownership hates the tone of this site and my way of expressing my opinions of the way the team is operated. When I heard this I was beaming with pride. Throughout the years that I have been posting opinion on this site, nine years now, I have been approached by numerous entities asking me to join their websites and to have The Eddie Kranepool Society join a more established network. But there was also a provision that I’d have to have each post reviewed and edited and in no way could I use any profanity. How can you write about the Mets the last few years and not use the word “Fuck”? Any way, I’ve always declined the invites. 

I write this blog out of love of the NY Mets and of baseball, the same way I love doing THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN and now as a host of BASEBALL BLOGGERS ALLIANCE BASEBALL TALK on Blog Talk Radio. As for an empty suit like David Howard, it’s probably better we never meet up as I might pull a  Muhammad Ali  and do to him what Ali did to Ernie Terrell in 1967 when he kept landing body blows and said “What’s my blog fool, what’s my blog”?

Believe me when I tell you, I’m writing this post to answer all the e-mails and phone calls I get asking me why I don’t get invited to this events. Whether I get invited or not at least I know that the Skill Sets know who I am and I’m a thorn in their side and I wear that as a badge of honor.

I find it quite amusing that the Mets are announcing these new and improved ticket prices, what other choice did they have? The team played in front of ten’s of thousands of empty seats and during the month of September, closed the concession stands in the Promenade Level.  The team still has not admitted (nor the Highlanders as well) the short sight ness of making the seats behind home plate, Club Seats for folks who could not give a shit about the Mets. Guys in suits and chicks named Buffy don’t root, root root for the home team. I’m far from envious of these people by the way as I had access to a suite at Shea and (are you sitting down for this one) and at Highlander Stadium (are you still sitting? I also was a guest in the Late Bronx Robber Barons suite and office as one of my brothers did business with the Highlanders. The only way he’d let me go with him was on the condition that I wear no Mets clothing and I don’t cheer the opposition. If I did the penalty would be a severe ass kicking. My brother I’m scared of. David Howard ? Uhhhh not so much! )  and I hated watching games from that venue. My wife got tickets this year for a game on my birthday in the Caesar Club. The only time I went in the Club was to enter my seats and to go home. I still miss my Upper Deck Box seats in Section 701 at Shea but now I look for tickets in Section 513 of the Promenade Reserved Infield. There is nothing better than sitting in the sun at baseball game in your shorts, t-shirt and flip flops not in a suit and tie.

There is a reason places like Citizens Bank Park, AT&T and the holy shrines of Fenway and Wrigley, Camden Yards and most of the new ballparks are outstanding places to watch baseball games, there are no club seats behind home plate.

If you want to make a splash and make a real improvement at your ball park, tear out the Club Seats and put real honest to goodness baseball seats there and open them up to real fans and lo and behold you got yourself a real honest to goodness home field advantage.

I know myself and Dave Howard and The Skill Sets will never be pals and that’s cool as I’m not here to be their friend, I’m here to help them turn the experience of going to see the baseball team I love, into one that makes people excited to make a return trip. I guess the lowering of ticket prices is a start, maybe a retraining of the ushers and concession workers to get them to drop the Correction Officer attitude they portray, would work well too and last but not least, give Mets fans a team they can be proud to root for. Do that and maybe the Skill Sets and me will go for a beer after the World Series parade. Now that would be a great summit meeting.

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  1. As you know, Steve, I have repeatedly wondered why you are not part of this group.

    On the other hand, I have no idea how *I* am part of this group, so there you go.

  2. Well done Steve. I have left comments several times which I’m sure is impossible to answer all your emails.

    But you definately are my Irish brother. Besides being probably the only 2 Eddie Kranepool fans in Broklyn, its like we sure the same brain when it comes to the Mets.

    Your only fault I can see is that you are a Giants fan (Go Gang Green)…but hey no ones perfect.

    We have to go out for cocktails some time.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Krane, I applaud your stance, and totally agree with the position on the Gated community seats.

  4. Caryn you deserve to be there and besides they have no idea about our covet operation to take over the team :>)

  5. Krane, can I volunteer for that covert operation?

  6. They don’t want you because you curse? WTF, don’t they speak Brooklynese? Your language can never be more foul then how these Bozos have been handling “OUR TEAM”!

  7. pfh64 your an officer in this Army

  8. Reporting for duty general. I may not be a West Point football player, but, I will carry out my orders with the best of my ability.

  9. Reporting for duty, general. I may not be a West Point football player, but, I will carry out my orders with the best of my ability.

  10. Oops…sorry for the double post.

  11. Howard Glassman says:

    Steve, you are indie as hell. fuck ‘em.

  12. Steve,

    Long time reader, second time commenter….

    Yours is the only Mets blog where I read every post. You’re like one of my buds who’s been to Shea more times then we can count, suffers through the lows for the opportunity to sip those occasional highs. I think you’ve nailed what it means to be a Met fan and fuck anyone who wants you to clean up your blog.

    Consider the (mostly) unreadable garbage hosted at Mets.com ; Useless, emotionless, pap composed by soul-free robots. It has all the poetry of a legal brief. And while you’re no poet (no offense) you’re a flesh-and-blood fan.

    Anyhow, you keep writing and I’ll keep reading. Whatever the cost is of being part of the “inner circle” of bloggers, it is too high. Those guys can take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.


  13. kranepool says:

    LOL Howard thanks man I appreciate it I may never get that record deal but I’m a Rock N Roller for life!!!!!

  14. kranepool says:

    thank you Dan I’m no poet and I know it

  15. They didn’t ask me either, but no one actually reads my blog, LOL! They run a “Stepford Wives” operation, as Nicholson said (kind of), “They can’t handle the truth”!

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