And we thought it was just Ollie Perez as the biggest thief with the Mets. I have to say the Samuels revelations are SHOCKING!!! This is a guy who is revered throughout all facets of the Mets organization so I’m sure there are a lot of blank stares after reading the stories on his stealing from the club.  Maybe it was the fact that the Mets paid him a mere $80K a year to run the clubhouse and be the traveling secretary (Where have you gone Lou Niss?) that led Charlie to a life of larceny. Give Samuels some credit here; it seems he reported all his ill gotten gains as his tax returns show an income of $600K. By the way the NY Daily News “investigative team” was all over this story and of course they had to add in the fact that no PED use were involved here because the Daily News “I-Team” is a one trick pony when in comes to in depth investigation on shit no one cares about. If the Daily News would put some of that investigative work into things that actual effect New Yorkers, like the thieving fucks at the MTA and the  Circus of Assholes a/ka the State Senate in Albany, their rag would be worth plopping down four-bits for.


What to do with Jose Reyes? This will be one of the biggest decisions of the Sandy Alderson regime. The part about taking the option for next season at $11 Mil was easy, what will be difficult is whether or not to sign Jose to a long term deal before the start the season. As Mets fans we are in uncharted waters as Alderson and his staff have no allegiance to any of the players in this organization so I’m sure the Mets will look at Reyes analytically to determine if he’s worth the years and money to keep him a Met.


Sandy Alderson met with Dave Jauss and Bob Melvin yesterday to interview them for the opening of Mets manager. This weekend will be the biggie as The People’s Choice, Wally Backman, The Dark Horse, Chip Hale and Organizational Man; Terry Collins will present their resumes to the GM. Even if neither of these gents gets the job, all three could still remain in the organization and maybe that will be what the bulk of the interview will entail. Ken Oberkfell and Tim Tuefel will get the call next week and that should end the in house candidates and after the open competitive part of the process is done, my guess is by the time you’re biting into your Thanksgiving Day drumstick, a new Mets manager will be in place.  

As I was writing this I thought who in fact is the front runner and to tell you the truth I have no idea. If I had to rank them in order my guess would be:

Chip Hale

Bob Melvin

Ken Oberkfell

Wally Backman

Clint Hurdle

As I say I’m just guessing.


It’s hard to believe but the Mets are one hire away from becoming hip n happinin’. What’s next buying office space in Williamsburg? 


Hard not to feel sad hearing the news of the passing of Sparky Anderson who was the true definition of a “baseball man” Having watched his Big Red Machine come into Shea Stadium and smack the Mets around in the 1970’s I grew to admire Anderson and his Reds, same with the Tigers and the “Bless You Boys” of 1984. Anderson earned the name Captain Hook by utilizing his bullpen on an every game basis with great relievers like Clay Carroll, Will McEnaney and Rawley Eastwick and the way he’d jump out of the dugout clutching his right or left arm was pure show biz.

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  1. I really find it hard to believe that the Mets only paid Charlie $80K a year. That’s a pittance and he probably could have made more as a NYC sanitation worker with most likely better benefits.

  2. Random Mets Thoughts: They still have a target on their backs…

    I wrote about a lot of the same things.

  3. Did he really put all of that income down on his taxes? No way…am I reading that the wrong way? Krane, you’re joking right?

    As I have previously said, if they give the job to Oberkfell or Teufel, I can respect that. They have paid their dues in the organization.

    R.I.P. Sparky. You are as responsible as much as anyone for bullpen overuse, but you still deserve credit for all of the winning you did.

  4. I agree Mary for a guy who worked for the team for 27 years that’s sounds very light.

  5. $80K may have been his salary, but anyone want to guess at how much he made each year in gratuities?

  6. Tips. Tips. Tips…it’s all about the tips. I’m sure he REPORTED 600k. I bet his tips were more than that.

  7. ronald reagan says:

    “I agree Mary for a guy who worked for the team for 27 years that’s sounds very light.”

    Spoken like a true democrat/liberal/union-hugger; i.e., pay is a function of time, not performance and job complexity. Charlies Samuels was free to go elsewhere if he didn’t like the pay.

    Also very liberal of people to suggest his low pay was his motivation to steal.

    Yet another dog in the mutts’ organization and I can’t blame this on omar. Boy, am I gonna miss shittin’ on omar.

    Sandy Alderson will not last 3 years in this job. He is going to be shocked at the culture of mediocrity and losing and how it permeates all aspects of the mets, not just the on-field personnel.

  8. Just finished listening to the “Show”. That was an hour well spent. You are right about Charlie Samules. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

  9. 1- Yours truly was right on the money predicting Alderson would pick up the insect’s option but wait on extending him. Sweethearts, just remember the Red Sox won it all with Lugo at short in 2007.

    2- Man, I love reading about the mess Samules created. But more importantly it speaks of the cancerous culture in Flushing. Deplorable!!!

    1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986

  10. It is unbelievable. Why am not shocked more than I am? And reading about the 50K tip, you can understand why they only paid him 80K. Also understand why he reported 600K as income.

  11. thanks Mike I appreciate it. I hope I’m wrong about the Samules mess but this could just be the begining

  12. Crow now Yankee Doodle (a/k/a Michael) but right now who would you rather have a short stop right now, Jose-Jose-Jose or the Hair Club for Men client, Derek Jeter ? Seems the Mets will be getting their money’s from the shortstop postion

  13. Originally Posted By kranepoolCrow now Yankee Doodle (a/k/a Michael) but right now who would you rather have a short stop right now, Jose-Jose-Jose or the Hair Club for Men client, Derek Jeter ? Seems the Mets will be getting their money’s from the shortstop postion

    And crow I will……

  14. @kranepool


    I’ll take an aging and overpaid Jeter “Eight Days A Week”.

  15. Anyone here know where I can get some Mets player worn jerseys???????

  16. @bb
    I based my pay comment on the area in which we live and what salaries are generally. $80,000 is not much in the NYC market.

  17. Mary, no it is not, but when you see things that were added…50K as a tip, and he reported hid income last year as 600K, so his base salary is just that, a base.

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