I had the privilege to march in the Veterans Day Parade in Manhattan today with a contingent from the Greater NYC Boy Scouts of America. We carried 75 flags up 5th Avenue from 28 st to 53 st. I had the honor of carrying the flag of the Purple Heart honorees.

We got to meet some great men and women who served this country in WWII, Korea, Viet Nam and in the Gulf. A very uplifting day.

Back to baseball tomorrow.

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  1. Krane- On behalf all ex-Squids everywhere, thanks. Now go soak your feet.

  2. Krane,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart…guys of yours, as well as my dad & step dad’s generation do not get enough credit for the things that you have done. I salute you.

  3. Peter, pfh64- the best part of the day was seeing a lot of kids marching and getting involved in this parade. If Mayor Bloomberg wanted to do something worthwhile in the public schools he’d institute a community service program and get parents involved in it to. Don’t give the tired old excuse about having to go to work and not having the time that’s a lot of crap, if you can’t put time away for your kids, then don’t bitch when they find themselves in trouble. And how about brining civics classes back to the school curriculum. OK I’ll get off my soap box

  4. Pope Bloomberg is too busy trying to tell people how much salt to consume, where outdoors you can smoke, that you have to take a bicycle, so he can have more room for his limo, and setting up all of his cronies with sweet (not the sugary type sweet), fat contracts through the Department of Education, to really give a damn, about anyone. Funny, the salt & tobacco thing, isn’t that the kind of thing that you guys sacrificed for? The right to kill ourselves by overindulging?

    As for Civics…not a day goes by in one of my classes that I don’t have to tell someone during class to pull up his pants, I don’t want to see his underwear. We have a long way to go before civics, I think we are better off with a civility class.

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