I’ve been trying to decipher the Carlos Beltran summit with Sandy Alderson and what I gather from this sit down, Alderson has let Beltran know that unlike his predecessor, he’s an upfront kind of guy so this meeting is to explain to Beltran what his options are.

With Beltran still sporting a brace on his knee and one year left on his contract (and Mets career) Alderson has laid out a few scenarios for Beltran for the upcoming season  (the man always has a plan) and it’s up to Carlos to choose which path he’d like to go.

The best plan for the Mets would be Beltran moves to right field allowing Angel Pagan to go back to centerfield where he excelled during Beltran’ absence.  You get the better fielder in the most important outfield position, who get a potent bat in your offence and it helps the wear and tear on Beltran’ arthritic knee.

If Beltran balks at that plan, then Alderson it seems has requested that Beltran waive his no trade clause and the Mets will try to move him, but only to the Mets advantage. Now the problem will be if Beltran is adamant about playing centerfield but it seems that’s a remote possibility due to the fact the Mets are in control here.

No matter what happens we know this is Beltran’ last season as a Met which is not a swipe at Beltran it’s just a fact that Carlos will turn 34 years old just after opening day and his knees will just get worse. It’s not personnel, its business.     

Moving Beltran and for that matter Jose Reyes would not be in the Mets best interest at this point as both players are worth more to the Mets than what they would bring back in return but in Beltran’ case it’s nice that Sandy Alderson has met with him and it shows that Alderson knows how to deal with players better than Omar but make no mistake Beltran was not given a choice, he’s the Mets right fielder in 2011.

As much having Wally Backman as manager of the Mets would be fine by me, I just find that the more hysterical Mets fans are getting about Backman and his “fiery, I’ll kick your ass attitude” I’m starting to wonder do they want a baseball manager or a bouncer.  It’s good for Backman that he’s getting a call back but I don’t think he will be the man to get the big job as Terry Collins looks to be the favorite and if it’s Collins I won’t scream as I’ve got to put my faith in this new front office that they have done their due diligence and hired who they feel is the best man available. I could see Backman getting a coaching spot on the big league club and quite frankly I think he’d be fine with that.

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  1. I love everything you said. However the worth of Beltran to the Mets is zero. The mets will not win the World Series next year so he could hit 40 HRs and what would it mean. Absolutely nothing. So the best interest of the Mets is to get something for him. Now that is the difficult part who wants and what are they willing to give. The best you are going to do is pay a lot of money for some unknow A Ball pitcher. But if that is all he’s worth then you have to do it. The important part of the 2011 season is to define your core on what we are going to build. That is the only thing that should be worked on in 2011. Winning ballgames should actually be a second priority. As for Reyes if he is going to continue to be a baby then he should go to. We have a SS that can play and any team that builds its team through a SS is in deep trouble to begin with. So I am not tied to having Reyes as my guy. But your point about the mgmt team being in control is such a great point. Its about time.

  2. part,if not all of Beltrans allure was that great postseason, which has stacked up as a mirage. He has been a good addition as a complimentary player,not as a building block. his speed numbers have never added up to the promise, and frankly, and perhpas unfairly, I can never dismiss the picture of Wainwright buckling his knees and the bat resting comfortably on his shoulder in game seven of ’06, which seems like 1969 in distance. See what you can get for an aged,declining ballplayer with a bad knee and not the best attitude.not much, i reckon

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