The way some Mets fans are acting toward the hiring of Terry Collins, you’d think he was taking over a contending team. Do you people realize that the NY Mets as constituted today are barely a .500 team?  I guess I have to be the myth buster around here, the Mets will not make the post season in 2011. Sorry for the smack in the face but some Mets fans need a dose of reality.

As I’ve written before there are times the Mets fan base just amazes me, Terry Collins hasn’t even put pen to contract yet and fans are ready to fire him. Can we wait at least one week into the regular season before we make up the Twitter account @FireTerryCollins?  

Am I 100% happy with the Collins hire? No not really, but I’m not screaming about it as a disaster waiting to happen either.  I look at the positives here, that Alderson and not Jeffey Skill  Sets  is making the baseball decisions. Collins was the minor league coordinator so he has knowledge of what’s worth keeping and what’s not in the Mets farm system. I watched Collins at a pre-season workout for the Brooklyn Cyclones this summer and he and Mookie Wilson were running from station to station working with players and conferring with Wally Backman, Benny DiStefano (hitting coach) and Rick Tomlin (pitching coach) so energy and instruction are definitely  Collins strong suit.     

Collins intensity can make some players uncomfortable, but isn’t that what has been sorely lacking in the Mets clubhouse? Haven’t the bunch of underachievers that reside in that room been living the high life for too long? Isn’t it about time somebody with authority dealt with these “woe is me” players and get them to man up and stop shitting in their snow white pants when the Phillies or Braves come up on the schedule?  Mets fans have been crying for a tough guy right? So here you are. Maybe for the first time in years, the players will be held accountable.

The biggest reservation I have with Collins is he quit as manager twice, with the Angels and in Japan. That scares me it’s as if the going gets tough; it seems Collins gets going, out the door. Of course Sandy Alderson brought this up during the interview session I’m sure and he was satisfied with the answer he got so I guess I should be too.  Collins has not run a team in ten years and that raises a red flag with me as well.

The Collins hire is not outrageous enough for to be well.. outraged. Sure it would have been nice to see BACKMAN 6 strutting to the plate on opening day with his first lineup card as a big league manager but that’s the Mets fan in me talking. The guy who is now in charge feels that Terry Collins gives him all that he’s looking for in a manager with an edge in personality. At this point in the Alderson Era who am I or you to question the move?   

What it tells me also is the Mets are going to get younger and there is a big premium going to be placed on home grown talent. Sandy Alderson on day one said the farm system he has inherited is in the middle of the pack and for a team like the Mets with its resources, that’s unacceptable. That’s what should be the focus of Mets fans, not who will be the manager for the next two seasons. Cliff Lee at 32 years of age with back trouble? Let the Highlanders over pay in years and money for him. Jayson Werth? Let the Tigers spend all that awful pizza money on him. If the Mets eat the Perez/Castillo dough then the off season is a success and you know now there is no way in hell either of those two slugs are coming back.

 Rejoice Mets fans that we  have guys with a clue and a plan running the baseball operations for our beloved Mets. I know it’s hard to optimistic with the all the horseshit we’ve endured the last few years but I think the new regime will get us out this mess and back on the road to winning.

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  1. If things aren’t working out with Terry Collins, we can always drown our sorrows with his cousin Tom.

  2. Well said bro!!!!!!!!!in 2011 more important to me is the organization then the players.

  3. i just don’t know. Collins halo team revolted, then won a ws two season after he was shown the door.he has not managed in the bigs since 1999.1999!the fiery general stuff is bullshit for the media.its almost 2011,that stuff works until mid april,when everyone says fuck off…the mutts are .500 at best, with a couple of spare parts to be sold off.I feel the Cobra has returned, remember him?another tough guy to striaghten out the team.sigh. will this madness ever end? I think Chip would bring the goods without the historical accretion that Collins totes.Tough to criticize,but the dwi is deplorable in a man his age.Wasn’t that one of wee Wallys’ drawbacks?I feel like Im watching a loop of a bad movie, where the ending always apparent except to the producers induces nausea.

  4. Dan Gurney says:

    Houston (team to hate in the 1960s because they were the same age and better) has given first jobs to a lot of managers that never seem to get another chance (Hal Laner, Larry Dierker). Collins’s predecessor Art Howe is, unfortunately, an exception.

    I don’t love this hire but Krane is right: we ain’t winning the pennant in 2011. A hardass can clean up a mess and Alderson has only given him a two year contract. That seems a little shorter than what managers usually get but that means the Mets may actually get rid of him if he doesn’t work out (unlike Perez, Castillo).

    But I would be shocked if in the last six months there has been one Mets caller to a radio station, a chat room or a conversation at work who has said “The Mets should hire Terry Collins as manager.”

  5. Well, Dierker is an exception because of the insult to the brain he suffered,do not think he would WANT to manage anywhere else[as an aside of the great great baseball guys of the last 50 years]Hal Lanier should have been voted a full WS share in 1986 for his contributions…this still feels like a stop gap, maybe maybe this is a full freeze the bugs out and get rid of them move. Maybe Beltran, Wright, Pelfrey,F Rod,and anyone for whom you can get some young players . they will be lucky to be .500, which I think fans could take if there was a plan that didn’t seem to resemble the Iraqi invasion in it’s lack of insight…

  6. Word now is Bowa is a candidate for bench coach. I LOVE it! I wanted Bowa for manager (though he was never a candidate). The guy knows the game and is tough as nails. And isn’t that all we can hope for at this point? We all agree that .500 is the destination this year, so why not get there with some physical and mental toughness? Collins and Bowa or manuel and Shines? Are you fucking kidding me? The upgrade is HUGE. And while we’re at it, Minaya or Alderson/Riccardi/DePodesta? Things ARE different, and better.


  7. The problem to me is the guy seems less like a fiery general and more like a loud mouth dick. hope I’m wrong, but I can see him pulling a Palin after a testy news conference following a K-Rod blown save.

  8. Let’s see, Collins is 61, he has a 2 year contract, he’s here to do a hatchet job to remake the team and then get bumped upstairs to a cushy office.

  9. Krane- I hear that Staten Island has wild turkeys in revolt before execution day. Sounds like Mets fans and the last administration.

  10. Peter I live just blocks from where those turkeys roam in fact some have come up near my house. Three birds in particular flew in my yard I named them Fred, Saul and the runt of the flock Little Jeffey

  11. Gobble Gobble Gobble! Live ’til Friday! Free all Turkeys!Let’s Go Mets!

  12. Talking about how Collins has changed…a 61 year old man has changed?from what he was at 50?hunh?61 year olds don’t change,Sandy.sigh…my bullshit-o-dometer is all ready in the danger zone, and its november.By the way, can someone tell me what the mets brain trust is?I know their Bona Fides.Alderson won in the 80’s,didnt do squat with the Pads, the other two come from the dodgers and blue jays,not exactly dominant franchises the last 20 years.Seriously, everyone is wetting theri pants over these guys.Why? They were chosen by JEFF WILPON.the “experts’ rave about them. are these the same experts who always say the Royals are on the verge,the pirates farm system is loaded,et. al I swear the rain is Gil and Joan Payson weeping. I do not know what the answer is, maybe it’s being bold like the sawx were and hiring the smart kid no one likes. This law and order stuff is so much bullshit for people who read the Post.No One believes that stuff who actually plays.What will happen the first time Reyes doesnt run hard? the second time Beltran jogs after a ball.They will rip him a new one, blah blah blah. then he will complain to his agent, and do the same fucking thing.Do you really think Manuel or Clueless Willie didnt scream at these guys?this is not 1960.

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