Listened to the Terry Collins presser on WFAN and the two whinny hosts, Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts who I think were more upset that the Collins intro took away from them rubbing Rex Ryan’ ample belly in worship. But a couple of observations:

WHOA!!!! Collins is a bundle of energy that’s for sure and complete opposite from Jerry Manuel. It felt like Collins picked a couple of Four Lokos at a bodega on Roosevelt Ave before hitting Citi Field.

Collins said all the right things (all the things we’ve heard in the past 10 of these pressers) about stressing fundi’s, pitching and the big one, ACCOUNTABILITY .  Like a batter spouse, we’ve heard this all before.

I understand the love for Wally Backman but why turn it to hate towards Collins? That I don’t get. As I said I would have loved to see Wally on that podium today but Alderson & Co. thought otherwise, so at this point in the first month of the new management I have to give them the benefit of the doubt .

By a show of hands (or comments) how many of you think the Mets will be Pennant contenders next year?

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  1. before I raise my hand, and I am admittedly not inclined to do so, who is the guy that is going to come up with the big hit on this team? No one did last year.

  2. What? Has everyone out there watching “Wild in the Streets” on endless loop? Give us old guys a break. We ain’t dead, just old. Collins will do a 2 yr shake up and then move aside for a younger guy. As to winning next yr? Who knows after the Trade Deadline and what we’ll look like then. There could be run in this team Look forward, not backwards, why don’t you all.

  3. I loved every word Collins said. Like I’ve said, it’s ok to be .500, as long as you don’t embarrass yourself doing it (he won’t allow that) and you have plan to get better (Sandy has that). Any fan whining at this point is just looking for excuses to complain.

  4. Originally Posted By RichI loved every word Collins said. Like I’ve said, it’s ok to be .500, as long as you don’t embarrass yourself doing it (he won’t allow that) and you have plan to get better (Sandy has that). Any fan whining at this point is just looking for excuses to complain.


    As usual you’re making nothing but sense.

    I eagerly await the start of the championship season.

  5. just whining?Hmm…when some people share their opinion,its voicing your belief.When I disagree,it’s whining. whatever…”collins stood out in the interviewing process”hunh?If THIS guy stood out,the others were either comatose or completely vacuous.I think this is another lets re-arrange the furniture move.And I’m not sold on the new “brain trust” ,either.This isnt high school, yelling at people and sniping at them in the press is not going to motivate or cut it.Collins is a guy that Sandy can manipulate…How is it they let someone like Showalter float around unattached,then let the O’s grab him? Yeah bring Wathan back,everyone likes him.In this team, that should be a clue.sigh .a 61 year old re-tread who could not cut it in 2 other places with about 1 /30th of the media attention ,and hasnt managed in the bigs in 11 years with a history of temper problems and a dui is THE BEST THAT YOU CAN GET!!!!!!THIS IS THE SUPPOSED GENIUS OF ALDERSON!!!?????And people are thinking this is a good idea?is the same old shit, and the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and again, and expecting a different result…

  6. George the Stork says:

    Cool to see “the Stork” getting some love. Expectations are very low for next season. We’re going to be pretty pitching-less, even if Santana comes back.

  7. George the Stork says:

    And I’m still a bit bitter that Bobby V couldn’t get an interview.

  8. As opposed to re-writing everything here….

  9. Patrick, as I have said elsewhere, the Mets’ ownership was lauded “for entering the 21st Century” in their approach to the new front office. Then they went “old school” and hired their friend for the managerial job. A guy that has not manage in 11 years and lost control of not one, but two clubhouses. Great.The worst of the four choices that they brought back for a second interview. I would have hated Bob Melvin, but at least they would have shown that they were not hiring on the who you know, not what you know. It takes a lot for me to be in favor of an Arizona alum (Chip Hale) but at least it would have given me something to look forward to, seeing how it plays out with someone that has no track record. Melvin & Collins, I already knew how it was going to play out. And we know Backman’s style, is the type of game that should suit Taxpayer Field. Run & Gun, aggressive put the defense on its heels. Mark my words, Luis Castillo will be back in the two spot in the order, accompanied by the line, he is the type of player that takes a lot of pitches (which means more 3-1 meatballs looked at), and is right there in “Moneyball” style. And he can be a leader…Perez, well he pitched great in the Mexican League and is on his way back, I think that he will surprise a lot of people this year. Don’t forget about Beltran, he is in a contract year and looks great in spring training. He is still a an important part of this team…blah, blah, blah…

  10. @pfh64

    yep…its the makings of another long decade

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