Wally Backman has signed on to stay in the Mets organization and will mange somewhere in the minor league system. In reality, Backman didn’t have much choice. Backman is still miffed that Sandy Alderson didn’t hire him for the top job in Flushing, and the one area where I agree with Backman is on his lack of major league experience as a manager. I think the fact that Backman played 14 seasons of Major League ball should  have  had a big advantage over Terry Collins not even having a cup of coffee in the bigs. If the managerial criteria is big league experience then hands down Backman should have gotten the job over Collins.

But I see Collins getting the post as a sign that this organization will become younger, much younger and therefore hungrier than what we’ve seen from past Mets teams. Let’s face fact, the last three seasons, most Mets fans have despised the team and why? Most of us felt they were just a bunch of highly paid veterans you were more worried about there financial situations than the on the field situations. Then there is the off the field stuff like Johan Santana (who if he was healthy I’m sure Alderson & Co would have put on not only the trading block but the trading platter with an apple in his mouth but with $97 mil owed over the next 4 years we are stuck with a once upon a time Ace who if we’re lucky will be a back of the rotation starter in the next four seasons) and of course Frankie Rodriguez and Charlie Samuels. Sandy Alderson was brought in here not just to find better players but to win back the respect of Mets fans and teams around the league as well.

That’s why you are seeing, little by little that Alderson would like to rid this team of. Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. I’m a fan of both players but it seems to me the new front office looks at both these players as part of the losing and unprofessional culture of the team. I have never had a problem with Reyes’ antics, in fact the guy plays better when he’s dancing and hand shaking but the perception around baseball is he’s immature jerk. When the Cardinals won the 2006 NLCS they were signing the Jose-Jose-Jose chant in their clubhouse and of course Reyes’ teammates just sat in their clubhouse licking their wounds listening to the mocking chants and did nothing. When it comes to doing nothing, no team takes shit better than the Mets.  I mean the guy leading the mock chanting was Bradden Looper who sucked ass when he was here and laughed in his former teams face and why? He knew no one would do anything in the Mets clubhouse.

Now this is not to blame Reyes for that not at all but what Alderson is looking at is Reyes worth a long term investment? Probably not.

Reyes will turn 28 during the 2011 season and the last two seasons have been plagued by injury and illness and maybe he does have a big season in him and especially if the Mets hire a new physical training staff that would help Reyes but if Alderson can get some pieces the Mets need for this renovation (I know you folks hate the term rebuilding so I’ll use renovation sounds less severe) I have no question he’d send Reyes off to the highest bidder.

Carlos Beltran right can be had for fifty cents on the dollar. If any team were to approach the Mets with a deal in which that team would take at least half of Beltran’ salary he’ll be an ex-Met faster than you could say “at the end of the day”.

Now I’m sure there is a large segment who disagrees with me on this and that’s fine but you can start to read between the lines here with Alderson. He’s already told you that there will be no big ticket free agent spending this off season. The best he’ll do is look over the non-tender list and hope the market of free agents will be so ample that some players, will panic and sign for under value. See, the interesting part of this new management team is it’s a patient bunch and they are dealing with a “I want it yesterday” fan base. It’s going to be fun to watch.

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  1. Krane, you can use the word rebuilding, because they are rebuilding the heart of the team…it…wait, you actually can’t use the word rebuilding, because rebuilding means build again. From the day it was built this team had no heart (i.e the day Cliff Floyd left), so you can’t rebuild something that was not there in the first place. Either way. I am glad that Wally Backman was disappointed, and feels he should have gotten the job. Should he have not been?

    I too, would hate to see Reyes go, but mostly because, while I loved the year that Angel Pagan had (only clutch hitter on the team) I am nervous that he was a one hit wonder. If you can get people to bit on Reyes & Beltran, I can easily live with a Pagan
    Thole (shown, from outside, leadership)
    RF (probably a right handed hitter)
    Murphy (defense need only be routine)

    Is it murderer’s row? No. But I will say this, there would be a lineup on the field that will play hard (Mr. Wright, that means all the time, no exceptions) and would give a crap. For 2011, that is the number one thing I am asking for. And I know there is not going to be any Santana, but I say this when Niese & RA are on the mound is there any doubt that those two will do anything it takes to get a win?

  2. Steve that was a beautifully worded post.

    As the retooling process commences one of the secondary goals is to procure leadership people for this team. Forget Jeter, where the fuck is the Varitek guy on this team? None of the piss ass Pepsi Porchers have one scintilla of leadership skills within them. (The 3rd baseman with the falsetto voice is too damn soft.)

    So that’s why I thought I’d stop by today and once again point out the character flaws of the Shake Shackers.

    1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986

  3. Hey Yankee Dude- How can a broken down wreck of a SS like Jeter ask for all that $ and those extra years? He’s going to become Cap’t Ahab if he doesn’t smarten up. Hank the Hun is gonna kick his ass out the door.

  4. Originally Posted By peterHey Yankee Dude- How can a broken down wreck of a SS like Jeter ask for all that $ and those extra years? He’s going to become Cap’t Ahab if he doesn’t smarten up. Hank the Hun is gonna kick his ass out the door.

    It will all work itself out within the coming days.

    I eagerly await the start of the championship season.

  5. I was going to reply to Michael, then I realized that he is just trying to get under people’s skin. You do not have to ask us where the Jason Veritek of this team is, ask the front office. Mets’ fans have been asking that for the past four years. They have not had it since Cliff Floyd. I think Thole has a chance to be that leader, at least from what I can see from the other side of the fence, but obviously it is way too early to tell. The sad part is that he (at least at this point) has no one to guide him. There is no Paul O’Neill or Don Baylor to show Thole or be his mentors. Wright has the clout to do it, but has steadfastly refused. It is the one area that I would have a complaint about his game. He can, if he wishes say anything to anyone in the clubhouse but refuses (I know we could never know the dynamic of the Mets’ dysfunctional clubhouse). He continues to defer to the candy asses like Beltran & Castillo. I know it is hard to step up and take on colleagues, and you definitely have to pick your spots if it is not your personality, but if he was doing it that way as well, it would have gotten out by now, somehow, some way.

  6. Yankee Dude- What’s that sound in the Infield? Creak creak wheeze wheeze! Changes are coming for the Yankees. The King (George) is dead. Long live the King (Hank). The reign of terror has begun. You ain’t gonna like the Back Pages this coming year.
    I eagerly await the coming crash and burn!!!

  7. @pfh64

    Hey I come here to stimulate and take it on the chin when the 27 time World Champions come up short like this year. If I can give it then……

    But I’m glad you recognize the leadership vacuum and in all probability the next leader is not on the current roster.

    As for Wright he should try out for the lead in “Jersey Boys”. He’s got the pipes!

    My Best Weekend Wishes To You And Your Family

  8. Yankee Dude- You’re a Great addition to the EKS family and I for one love to see what you say. You take it and give it. All in fun.

  9. Wally was psssed? He just about fellatated the media to get the job,now hes disappointed?Wally,you were a fucking leper until year,most people dont like guys who beat up their wife[of course it was a misunderstanding,it always one in the joint ever did the crime,either} Santana was a roll that turned up snake eyes, the mets gave up nothing got some decent games from was a win either way,Beltran has been ,what,since he came? Without that LCs in houston he’s still a number 2 or 6 hitter that gets paid like a 3.Yep,trade Reyes while you can,I do not think he will ever,ever, be better then he is now.That is not bad,it’s just not going to be what folks thought[remember the Village voice cover comparing him to a young Mantle.Yikes!}rip ‘em up, they are in tatters,anyway.Collins is the goalie that they put in after the other guys have scored 6 on your starter,hopefully he won’t embarrass HIMSELF too much…My youngest son is autistic.As a very young child,he would self stimulate by whirling in circles,never falling.That is the Mets the last decade ,spinning endlessly in circles…

  10. Patrick, Wally was the people’s choice to manage because we know his personality, and we know he will do anything to win. And did. He was the only one that was interviewed with a winning pedigree, should the things he had happen in his past be a red flag? Yes, but how come it did not stop them from hiring Terry “I’m friends with Koufax & DePodesta, which is why I got the job” Collins? And he has no winning in his history. As I have said many times on this site, if they had gone with Hale or the guy from the Red Sox, I would have been fine with that too, heck even if they had hired Tony Pena or Lee Mazzilli, but the fact that they went with “the old boy network” hire in Collins, was a strike against them to me. Glad they spent the money to re-do the front office which was needed, but to turn around and hire Collins, to me that is Art Howe again. And these are the guys that hired Howe in the first place. I am sorry, Alderson has been in NY long enough as part of the commissioners’ office to know that this was going to be a bad move.

    Now I would love to be proven wrong, but I don’t think I will be. This team will once again be managed by a person that has no clue how to play in Taxpayer Field Queens, and will play for three run homers in a pitcher’s park, when they should be playing 1980’s GO GO Cardinals baseball. Then we will hear more complaining about the fences at TFQ, instead of batters just trying to put the ball in play. More crappy American League baseball. (I know AL has better teams, I am talking about the style). Never hear the visiting players complain. Maybe Mets players are frustrated because they have not faced the Mets bullpen, I don’t know. I just know that of all the people that they could have hired, on the surface, Collins was the worst choice.

    Imagine, Krane, a Mets pitching staff, that did not pitch like they were scared of the other team? Throws strikes and lets the guys in the field get the ball. Even if Murphy is playing second, I mean hell, can he move any slower than Luis Castillo?

  11. @pfh64

    I know its just indigestion , however, Alderson,take no crap Sandy, has been kow-Towing to Clueless Bud Selig for how long?Shit,after that gig, Jeff seems like a vacation.I agree on the hiring, however the nostalgia for the 86 team and wee Wally is nonsense.Why no sentiment for Mr valentine? or John the weasel Franco as pitching coach?Collins is a sign that it is the same old shit at shea, er bailout park.being friends with Sandy Koufax certainly has a lot of traction in flushing,eh?

  12. WHy anyone would think that unproven Backman would get the job in these times is beyond me. He won this year with a team full of 23 year olds in A ball. Yippe……..BFD. Stop witthe Backman garbage nobody wants him he isnt going anywhere.

  13. Paul, you are missing the point. I have said all along, I don’t need to see Backman as the manager, it was more the idea of Backman. It could have been Chip Hale, or the Red Sox coach they interviewed. The point of the matter is, I know what Collins is, he is a retread from the old boy network, who has failed in two less pressure situations. And only has the job because he is friends with Sandy Koufax. The other guys would have had a “grace” period and would have given even the Backman supporters a reason to say hey, let’s see what the guy can do. I want a manager to play the game like Whitey Herzog did with the Cardinals in the 80s. This dependence on rally killing home runs is NUTS. There is nothing wrong with doubles and triples. RBIs are more important than home runs, two out hits, driving in runs from third with less than two outs. Those are the things that win games. Running out grounders and fly balls, not assuming the plays are going to be made. Collins has had two jobs and had two clubhouses explode on him. Is it because he was hard on the crybabies, maybe. I can excuse the Angels crap, he had Mo Vaughn to deal with, but when you lose Bagwell & Biggio…I am sorry, that should have thrown up the biggest red flags you can find.

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