Tomorrow my daughter will celebrate her eleventh birthday so when I asked what would be the best present she could get on this eventful day her answer was “FOR YOU TO GET THOSE STUPID BASEBALL CARDS OUT OF MY CLOSET DADDY”.  Ah…. that disposition, she is surely daddy’s little girl. See, before she was born her bedroom was my little man cave. I had sports pictures on the walls, a desk, a tv all the essentials that a man like me needs to sustain life. Then came the day I was handed a couple of quarts of Benjamin Moore pink paint and a brush and told take down Tom Seaver’s picture and that huge team picture of the 1994 Stanley Cup Champion NY Rangers and those plaques of the ’69 and ’86 Mets and that poster of Lawrence Taylor and move it down to the basement (it wasn’t until I was banished underground that I started blogging so I guess I fit the stereotype of bloggers in the basement except I own the basement and I wear pants most days) and turn this room into Eloise’s suite at the Plaza.

So today I will be going through boxes and boxes of baseball cards and copies of old Street and Smith Baseball Yearbooks, Who’s Who in Baseball books and about forty years worth of Baseball Digests and not to mention the long ago “Baseball Stars of the 1960’s” books I bought a the book fairs every year while attending P.S. 105. There is also a  CB Radio in that closet along with a collection of baseball caps, jerseys, roller skates, hockey sticks and I think a pair of boxing gloves.  I know for a fact there is a storage bin in the back of this closet that holds such treasures as a copy of the NY Daily News from the first moon landing and the 1969 World Series edition.  If you are old enough to remember, the Daily News even ran a color front page in 1969 which was revolutionary technology back then, not for the moon landing but to honor the Mets.   I also think I will discover some Bat Day bats from Highlander Stadium and I mean the original seat behind a steel pillar, 76,000 seat, Fred Talbot pitching to Jake Gibbs, ride the Sea Beach to DeKalb Ave to catch the Brighton Line to Highlander Stadium, Bat Day bats.

Now all that memorabilia, a very poor man’s Barry Halper collection, will be relegated to my underground lair, replaced by three pairs of Ugg’s and clothing from Justice (a preteen girls Model’s if you will) and about 20 pairs of shoes, flip flops and sandals.

It will take me hours to complete this mission and I know there will be stern words directed to me as I will go over every card, every score card reliving the games they came from, and wondering what I could get for a Steve Whitaker Bat Day bat on eBay?

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  1. hojohifive says:

    Steve, I lived every word you wrote there (I even have a bat from Highlander Bat Day ’71). I feel your pain.

  2. I can’t help observing how everything seems to revolve around 1969 and 1986.

    Jeez, that’s eons ago.

  3. Michael, should it revolve around 1978? 2008? I don’t see a whole lot of people that frequent Taxpayer Field Bronx, reminiscing about the Stump Merrill days. Or the late 60s-early 70s. The Mets did not win championships under Bobby Valentine, but they would have taken him back in a heartbeat. Why? The teams were competitive, with an underdog roster and fun. We still hate that they basically lost three one run games to your team. Thank you, Timo. But those teams were fun, the manager never would have had to be reminded that the pitcher was up next (as the Mets’ last manager had to be, and he was the only one by the way that did not know).

    If I read a blog that revolved around your team, who much talk of the Horace Clark, Mel Stottlemyre days would there be? I doubt there would be much, outside of talking about “the purity of Bobby Murcer (may he rest in peace). So please, while I respect your willingness to come here and read Krane’s musings, and also make the frequent comments, do not sit there in the apparent smugness, that rooting for the baseball team you root for bring out in so many of its fans, and say that you can’t help observing how everything revolves around 1969 & 1986.

  4. I remember those two glossy Color pictures… remember the cover[cartoon] of Gil on the morning after they clinched the NL East?I have the TIMES moon landing,yellowed and brittle,with its then extra large typeface .In there is a Seaver signed ball[my only extant athlete auto,BTW]and some other stuff to be buried with[in?}Can you imagine my folks let me ride the 7 train to Willets point with other friends in the 5th and 6th grade[we were 5 stops away}to sunday doubleheaders! Now that is a time capsule,sigh…

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