As we await the non-tender floodgates to open, the Mets have four players who fit the offer/non-offer list so let’s see who stays and who goes:

John Maine-I think we all agree the days of Maine are done in Queens. Maine did himself no favor by hiding his injuries and less than honest with the coaching staff and front office. With Old School Dan Werthan staying on as the Pitching Czar and the fact that Old School can’t stand the sight of Maine then add in his arbitration price could go to $4mil, it’s safe to say we can add John Maine to that long list of former Mets

R.A. Dickey-Look, we all love Dickey wait that didn’t come out right, We all love R.A. and he was a revelation both on the mound and in the clubhouse as Dickey was the only player when interviewed that I paid attention to as he would always say something of substance. But (and you knew the BUT was coming) let’s not go crazy with talk of multi-year deals for R.A.  I’d go 1yr plus an option $1.5 mil which is about double what he made last year.

Angel Pagan-Now Pagan is a different story. Pagan not only took his offensive game to a higher level but right now he’s the best centerfielder on the Mets roster. Pagan went from being a baseball dunderhead in 2009 to arguably the Mets MVP last season (Yes I know David Wright had a great offensive year but the case can be made that the best all-around season by a Met last year was Pagan) Angel made $1.45 mil last season and it would be hard for the Mets to win an arbitration case but what price is right for Pagan? 2yrs/$4.5-5mil?

Sean Green-We’re tendering him a contract, why?

Mike Pelfrey-Ahhhhhh Big Pelf.  The sticking point he is Pelf’s agent, Scott Boras.  Pelf cannot test the free agent waters until 2014, so the Mets hold the hammer on him as well. Pelfrey has made some coin off his ML contract he signed when drafted in 2005 to the tune of a shade under $5mil so this negotiation should be quite interesting. As the Mets hold all the cards they don’t have to offer a multi year deal but figure with Boras as his agent, I’m sure he will make up one of those elaborate books to present at the arbitration hearing to make Big Pelf look like Cy Young .

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  1. Maine is flotsam, Pelfrey is a wanker and has Boras which means he will be grossly over paid and he is the definition of mediocre .Pagan,[and the Angels sang] is a gift, as is RA.We’ll see how the grizzled genius and his organ grinders helper do with these guys, especially after Branch,er, Sandy goes to the winter meetings.Yikes, Collins still has me spooked.do you think we could trade him for a Dan Napolean card?

  2. Best news of the day- Chris Carter was non-tendered. If you ask why- we don’t have room in the NL for someone who is a disgrace in the field. The NL requires players who can hit AND field. Sorry, Chris. This is an opportunity to be what you should be, a DH.


  3. It’s more like Duda will cost 500k….why pay Carter when you can pay Duda. Goes back to the moronic moves like signing Cora to two million when he gave you nothing more then a Tejada for 400k.

  4. The fact that you wouldn’t give more than a year to R.A. Dickey suggests that you just can’t believe he is real. I get your point, but the fact is that unlike virtually everyone else on the team, he was real in every single game he played in 2010. And he ended up having one of the best years of any pitcher in baseball. I think he deserves two years.

  5. Dana I’m starting to see the vision of the new management team, why pay some more than we have to. The Mets hold R.A.’s fate in thier hands and since this was the first season he showed the reuslts he did, I’d like to see him one more season before making a commitment of a multi year deal. I’m an R.A. fan but I’m also a fan of not having to spend money where I don’t have too. Same deal goes for Chris Carter Paul L hit it on the head why keep Carter when I have someone better in Duda and for about the same price.

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