On this date in Mets historyin 1974, the Mets traded Tug McGraw, Don Hahn and Dave Schneck to the Philadelphia Phillies for Del Unser, John Stearns and the immortal Mac Scarce.

Off season? What off season, there is more baseball news on this 32 degree morning in NYC than any other sports news.  Giants-Redskins? a murmur and some asshole comments. Jets-Pats? For such a big game the main topic is Tom Brady’s hair line. Knicks? Who gives a fuck.  Coach DiAntoni’s view of defense is when the opposition misses a shot.  NY Rangers, second only to the Mets in my fan affection but even with Gaborik’s hat trick and the fact the beat the lowly Fishsticks, not much buzz about the Blueshirts today. The big sports news in NYC, Baseball, Baseball and more Baseball:

The Mets non-tendered went as planned except for the curve ball Sandy Alderson tossed in by releasing Chris Carter.  As much as I like The Animal, and lobbied for more playing time for him last year, this is a very smart move by the Mets. According to Adam Rubin, Carter would have been given a minor league deal and would have been paid $200K but the real reason is Carter has no position on defense in fact you’d be better off signing Jack Cust than Carter.

Looks like the game plan on acquiring pitching will be of the low risk/high reward variety as reports are the Mets are looking to make a deal with injury prone LHP Jeff Francis and former Padre Chris Young. If both can stay healthy (a big IF) they are definitely worth t shot of signing to incentive laden deals.  Young would thrive in Citi Field as he is an extreme fly ball pitcher and to that fact I hope the Mets are looking at RHP Joel Peralta another fly ball pitcher for the bullpen and George Sherrill for the LOOGY spot if Perpetual Pedro proves to expensive.

WOW LMillz may be a LI Duck or a Lancaster Barnstormer  or an Orix Buffalo or maybe a KC Royal ?

Under the prior regime I’d say Joe Janish’s post aboutmoving Francisco Rodriguez to the White Sox would be a pipe dream. Under the Alderson reign, this post makes absolute sense and I could definitely see it happen.

Back in the day, I couldn’t stand Ron Santo especially back in 1969 when Santo would jump up and click his heels after a Cubs victory against the Mets. But I’m still sad to hear of his passing

So when will LeBron and the Heat go to Cleveland? Wait? What? It was last night? Shit. Who knew!

Looks like those cut throats running the Bronx Bastards will let El Capi-Tan save some face and juice up their contract offer today. No matter what happens, for now on Derek Jeter is Randy Levine’s bitch.

Good luck to Hisanori Takahashi on his signing with the Angels. A two-year deal for a 35 year old who can only pitch an inning of relief as the second time through the lineup he gets plastered may work in Anaheim but it sure doesn’t in Flushing .

Happy 62nd Birthday to the Prince of Darkeness. Hope you have bloody good fuckin’ birthday Ozzy!!!!!!!!!   

An Ike Davis Hanukkah, OH……MY…….GOD!!!!!!!

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  1. Krane, I do no think that anyone can dispute that this is a baseball town.I really like the idea of Francis (can you have enough left handed pitching? Oliver Perez, not withstanding), even Young.

  2. George the Stork says:

    The McGraw trade was one of the worst in a litany of imfamy. I’m rooting heavily for the Giants and the younguns on the Blueshirts, but always glance at the Krane blog during the winter.

    Speaking of the Blueshirts . . . Torts’ calling out Gaborik this past week has been interesting. He seems to have responded (although it was only the Fishsticks). No coddling of stars in hockey, not like that other stupid sport with the big, brown ball.

  3. Nothing like the franchise, which is the NHL version of the “Evil Empire” calling another franchise names. As bad as the Mets have been run, why does Glan “If I had the Rangers resources, I’d win the Cup every year” Sather still have his job? I know, Ulf Nilsson’s skate did not get caught in the boards either. 85 years…4 Cups, 33 years, same four. Hmmmmmmm….

  4. George the Stork says:

    In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the salary cap era now, so resources don’t count anymore. I don’t know why Sather keeps his job, either. But your GM looked like Quasimoto with all the biggest pads known to man — I think he took one too many shots to the head.

    But if you’re a Mets fan, I’ll still love you.

  5. George the Stork says:

    And I’d be happy with Francis and Young, too.

  6. Stork, I will give you the fact that Snow, might have exaggerated the amount of padding. Of course, it was never proven.

  7. kranepool says:

    Stork you are right about Torts calling out Gabby it seems to have gotten his attention as he’s stepped up his game and I give Torts anothe pat on theback for realizing that Sean Avery deserves more ice time and put him on the #1 line even though Torts hates Aves’ guts.

    Pfh64 the Fishsticks have to lowest relevancy of any team in the area, they are so low on the sports food chain that their games are heard on Hofstra’s radio station with college kids doing the color commentary. Will you still root for the Fishsticks when they move to KC or Quebec? oh yeah I forgot one more thing POTVIN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Krane your posts keep getting better. Is it becasue the mets have raised their game that you have done so also. Either way great reading lately. Hey L Millzz is a great kid…Willie said so just saying……

  9. Krane, I am aware of the teams’ stature in the area. I have said from when I was a junior in high school (1980) and they were the first team to move all of their games to cable, that it was the beginning of the “end”. While, I understand that it is the cable contract (with Dolanvision, ironically enough) that has kep the team around, it was one poor front office decision after another. When I was growing up in Ozone Park & Richmond Hill, Queens was 50-50 Isles & Rangers fans. They totally gave that up when they went strictly to cable. While Wang might have had visions of grandeur with his real estate project, the fact of the matter is that For the last forty years, Garden City has prevented anything from redeveloping in the that area of Nassau County, let alone a new building for the Islanders. That and the worlds’ worst lease between Spectacor (which at least for the longest time owned the Flyers, I don’t know if Comcast bought them as well as the entire city of Filthy-delphia, when they bought the Cryers) and the county, the Isles have not even had the potential to make money for two decades, even if they sold every ticket to every game, and went three rounds of the playoffs. And for all the tossed salad that Mike Milbury created, his passing on Zach Parise for the immortal Robert Nilsson, was on ice move that they are still trying to recover from.

    As for who I will root for, yes, I will still root for my team when they move to Wilpon Arena in 2015. Gary Bettman did not allow the Coyotes to move, I would be shocked, if he let a team that said NY in its name to move.

    I will get to my Mets post, in your Winter Wonderland commentary.

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