From the looks of things, Sandy Alderson and his staff seem anxious to get to Orlando and baseball’s Winter Meetings but  he won’t be bringing home any high end gifts to Mets fans. There will be no diamond studded Mickey Mouse watches coming our way, maybe a sweatshirt or t-shirt or two, nothing extravagant but more sensible.

No doubt the Mets will float the names Beltran, Reyes and Rodriquez during the cocktail parties and lobby loitering they will be doing so who knows, maybe the foundation for a blockbuster will be laid down but it seems like the Mets will wait until all the big pieces land before looking at the C and D list of free agents.

I like the honesty of Sandy Alderson when he states the fact that this team as is will be “competitive” and refrains from blowing smoke up the fan base’ ass that this team is a pennant contender. If that bothers you then you as a Mets fan need to grow up and realize the days of hearing fairy tales from the GM’s office are over.  I like the fact that this front office doesn’t listen to the fan base when it comes to personnel decisions. That was the big failure of the last regime, they tried too hard to keeps us happy, well fuck our happiness, just give me competence and a couple of nice t-shirts.

Alderson will meet with Omar Minaya to see where his standing is in the organization. I’ve almost forgotten that Minaya was not fired but re-assigned in his job duties but it he has options and quite frankly I think this sit down is more of how to pay Omar a buyout than a job offer.

Unless some GM loses his mind or gets a serious load on and makes an offer to Alderson for Ollie Perez, it looks as though OP will make it to St. Lonesome so the GM can observe him in order to make a decision to keep him or dump him. I guess Alderson’ thinks is I’m going to have to pay this scrub anyway  might as well see if he has any redeeming features  before  I decide his fate.

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  1. Davidoff was on WFAN this morning and said there are two types of Mets fans. The ones who understand the mess that’s here, and the time it’ll take to clean it, and the ones who want more Minaya-like random nonsense to appease them. I think we’re all in the first category. Which brings up a thought. If 2011 is a sacrifice at the table of Omar Minaya, why, WHY THE FUCK, would there be any thought to giving him a job in this organization? He is far more culpable than Perez, Castillo, Beltran….keep that fucking guy away from my baseball team forever. I hope you’re right about Sandy’s plan.

    One good thing on a selfish note- the frustration of the fan base enabled me to upgrade my Saturday-plus ticket package to a decent location. Now, if they’s just stop forcing me to buy Tuesday nights in April to get the package.

  2. I am very curious, if they have any interest in Russell Martin? I wonder if he would have interest in the Mets? I wonder if he would have interest in being a utility type player. Two games a week behind the plate, one game a week at the corner infield positions. And a right handed guy off the bench. He is, or at my perception of him is that he is a gamer, and could be a leader. Thole is not going to catch 150 games, and he could be kept fresh. Davis, while he is clearly going to be the team’s number one power threat (Wright is a hitter that hits home runs, Davis is a home run hitter that hits. I don’t know if either side is willing to enter this thought process, but it is what I thought about when I saw that the Original Dodgers (not the Queens wannabes) made him a non tendered player.

  3. We’ve got a good game plan heading to Orlando. This pieces are starting to fall into place for us.

    I eagerly await the start of the championship season.


    Just a bunch a dreamers.

  5. while it is nice to have this front office, and i do trust them … i still think wally would have been a better hire then collins. obviously i am still going in to next year pulling for collins and for the team to be a bunch of tough mudders, just like to have my opinion out there for the record……

  6. So you think hiring a mgr eith no major league experience and a checkered past was the right choice?@stu -

  7. Originally Posted By Paul L.So you think hiring a mgr eith no major league experience and a checkered past was the right choice?@stu -

    as opposed to one with a checkered past and who bombed,twice? Im for neither of them…I cannot believe that anyone would take FROd,his slider is gone[as is his brain, apparently} Johan is a reliable guy to gon the DL.again and again…this team has not been competitive for a couple of seasons.75 wins seems a stretch.Is Ike Davis for real, or did the league figure out that big swing? is Wright ever going to move within a zip code of home plate again?Is Reyes, well what the hell is reyes?they give him a workout to prevent hammy injuries which he does not do, then he gets hurt,again,.Now he is not too bright anyway,however,this is ridiculous.If you can get something for him that might be decnt, do so.Im certain Boston would give some live bodies…oh Im dreaming again

  8. @Paul L. – tony larussa has a bit of checkered past with dui’s, sweet lou has thrown more then a few bats in his day. backman’s checkered past was between he and his wife and has nothing to do with what type of major league manager he would(hopefully will) make. i feel he would have beeen the better hire, collins past is far from beyond question and his major league experience ain’t that great.

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