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Viagra sale buy Talk about your information over load, viagra sale buy It’s tough to keep up with every rumor and innuendo coming out of Orlando , viagra sale buy it’s like when my kids came back from trick or treating on Halloween. Viagra sale buy They dump their bag of candy on the table and separate all the good stuff (Kit Kats, viagra sale buy Peanut M & M, viagra sale buy and Butterfingers) from the crap (some dolt gave my kids Trail Mix and Granola Bars who eats that shit?) that’s how I look at the communiqués coming from the meetings.

Viagra sale buy The Carlos Beltran trade rumors are the most fun. Viagra sale buy  It’s clear that Sandy Alderson would love to deal Beltran but he’s not going to give him away, viagra sale buy not even for 50 cents on the dollar. Viagra sale buy I love this quote from Nick Cafaro of the Boston Globe (via Mets Blog) on the Red Sox interest in Beltran:

Viagra sale buy “?The Sox like the right side of Beltran’s switch-hitting bat and feel he could play left field … ?If the Mets can eat a little more than half of his salary and don’t ask for too much in return, viagra sale buy it’s a deal that could get done.”

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Viagra sale buy Does Sandy Alderson look wicked stupid to you?  Sure the Mets will send Beltran to the Sawx along with $12 mil for a case of Sam Adams Winter Lager and play date for Wally and Mr. Viagra sale buy Met. Viagra sale buy You hear the names Dice-K and Marco Scutaro thrown in the trade banter but that’s $31 mil in salary coming back to the Mets , viagra sale buy where the plan is take on LESS money. Viagra sale buy Plus the fact that Dice-K sucks and is a prima donna and Scutaro, viagra sale buy while once the Mets bloggers darling, viagra sale buy would be regulated to utility infielder. Viagra sale buy The only way a deal like this makes sense is if the Sawx take our other two un-adoptable’s OP and Castillo. Viagra sale buy In that case, viagra sale buy you can keep the beer.

Viagra sale buy Alderson said he’d bring back a couple of players from the meetings and he delivered as promised in the form of reliever D.J. Viagra sale buy Carrasco and catcher Rony Paulino. Viagra sale buy Not a big purchase but two serviceable pieces to fill two holes on the team. Viagra sale buy These signings are similar to going to an auto parts store and buying spark plugs and a fan belt for your car, viagra sale buy not a big time purchase but two parts you need to keep the engine running.

Viagra sale buy By the way, viagra sale buy Paulino will have to sit out the first eight games of the season due t o testing positive for banned substance. Viagra sale buy Paulino is using the defense that he ingested a diet supplement and didn’t know it contained something on MLB banned list. Viagra sale buy This defense has become the baseball version of “But you honor, viagra sale buy she swore to me that she was 18”.

Viagra sale buy The Skill Sets are in a bit of a jam as they made some money off the Bernie Madoff scheme and now the retirees of Sterling Equities want part of the dough. Viagra sale buy From the looks of things, viagra sale buy Freddy and Uncle Saul want this to go away and will try to settle out of court with the defendants. Viagra sale buy Smart move as who knows what could come out at a court hearing.

Viagra sale buy Tip of the Mets cap to Brooklyn Mets Fan for this under the radar news that strength coach Rick Slate has been fired. Viagra sale buy A long overdue firing at that.

Viagra sale buy While some are getting their Fruit of the Looms in a bunch over the lack of player movement by the Mets, viagra sale buy the important parts of the plan are taking shape in form of hiring Chad MacDonald as amateur scouting director and Dick Scott as minor league field coordinator (Terry Collins old job) who will work with J.P. Viagra sale buy Riccardi in rebuilding the Mets famr system. Viagra sale buy This, viagra sale buy my fellow Mets fans is the BIG picture.

Viagra sale buy No one in this town did more to hurt their reputation than Derek Jeter did yesterday at his ridiculous press conference. Viagra sale buy Jeter came off as whinny little over pampered brat.  There is no one on the Highlanders who misses St. Viagra sale buy Joseph of Torre more that Jeter as there is no one in the organization that will fawn over him and tell him his shit smells fresh cut grass, viagra sale buy like St Joe did. Viagra sale buy The fact that Pee Wee Cashman told Jeter to take your flabby ass and saggy tities out on the street and see what you get was downright Gangsta’ . Viagra sale buy Oh yeah by way Jeets, viagra sale buy A-Rod’s Better HA! HA!

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