Just  a few more comments on last nights conference call with Sandy Alderson, a doff of my Mets cap and a bow to the guys at Amazin’ Avenue for transcribing the entire call, thank you guys.

Last year at this time I was quite disgusted with the Mets front office, the manager, players and the owner. After listening to Alderson last night my attitude has done the ol’ 180 degree spin.  He took over an organization that had some huge cracks in its foundation and as any home owner knows cracks in the foundation spell disaster.  Alderson is not just going to patch the foundation of the Mets, he is going to rebuild it so it’s rock solid.

The Tea Party segment of the Mets fans base are clueless in their negativity on the direction of the team. For all of you dolts who are calling talk radio and ranting how you’re not going to buy tickets or Met merchandise, I guess you were happy with the past administration (for now on the past GM name will not appear on this site ever again) and maybe if the former GM get another job running a team (doubt it) you can switch your rooting interest.

Howard Megdal ran a campaign for GM this past summer on a platform of Logic, Transparency and Passion well we didn’t get Howard as Mets GM but Sandy Alderson has embraced those three characteristics very well.

So all you disgruntled so-called Mets it’s fine that you stay away from Citi Field but when the ship gets back on course don’t be a hypocrite and jump on the band wagon, use your heads and jump on now.

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  1. Of course you realize that the Tea Party Mets fan reads your headline and hears “Moron Alderson.”

    I’m psyched about this new regime in pretty much every aspect. My only complaint is that Sandy says “umm” or “uhh” a lot. But I prefer that to “you know what I’m sayin’?”

  2. Jay

    Tea Party Mets fans are just like the Tea Party a lot of screaming and yelling but nothing of substance or any ideas and your right but I know I have a intelligent and sophisticated readership :)

  3. Yo Steve,

    Are you listening to that insipid Cher song “If I Could Turn Back Time”?

    The eighties aren’t coming back to Flushing anytime soon, babe. Neither are the 27 time World Champions going to return to their 80’s ineptitude. So dream on.

    In the meantime, enjoy the quiet, solitude, and peace an afternoon in Queens has to offer this year. You won’t have too much company, I’m afraid.

    1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986

  4. And one more thing………

    My money’s on the Rangers getting Lee.

  5. Michael, I would wait until you see what happens after Rivera retires before you comment about not returning to “the 80s”.

  6. The Tea Party segment,whew,…I went during the late 70’s,too, so what the hell.I was impressed[gulp] with the way it was handled,too.No ham handed asinine references,no reporters accused of angling for jobs[head shaking],an apparent respect for bloggers[at least the one that follow occasional rules of grammar}I am starting to see a pattern among the chaos,though,Krane, i just cannot get Collins Unless he is simply triage…

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