I’m sitting today out and not because the NY Football Giants offered up one of the great choke jobs of all time, no it’s due to a head cold that has inflamed my sinus to the point I feel like I got cracked in the face with a Louisville Slugger.

I have never been a Tom Coughlin fan and even if the Giants win another Super Bowl with him as HC I still won’t be a fan, the guy just comes off as a hard ass jerk. That was evident after he berated punter Matt Dodge after Dodge didn’t follow orders and punt the ball out of bounds.  Look, I’d cut Dodge today as he’s very inconsistent and he suffers from the yips too many times to be a pro athlete and if Coughlin wants to rip him a new asshole that’s fine by me, but do it in the clubhouse and don’t show up at your post game presser and take all the blame and then throw your punter under the bus.  How about alerting your kick off team to the possibility of an on side kick? How about not dropping Justin Tuck into coverage? How about not abandoning the aggressive defensive style that had you dominating the game by going into a turtle defense (a/k/a Prevent D)

As bad as that loss was, it couldn’t ruin my evening as I had a great dinner and saw a tremendous show last night. My kids claim that from singing and dancing in the aisles is why I’m sick today, as I’ve heard all morning that “I’m not a kid anymore” Thanks but I know what my birth certificate says, but in my heart I’m still 17 years old.

I’m out time for sinus meds and a nap

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  1. How about someone else punching Kevin Gilbride in the face for not calling at least one running play in that last series to make sure the Eagles do not touch the ball before OT.

  2. It could be that taking it on the chin yesterday will let the Jints take orders from “The Chin” next year.

  3. Giants have big decison to make with The Chin readt to get back on the sidelines and Coughlin with one yr left on his deal he needs to get this team not only to the playoffs but deep into the playoffs. Too much talent to have shit like Sunday happen

  4. Feel better Steve.

  5. This was a failing effort that starts with the head coach…once again, the prevent defense prevents the team in the lead from winning. How in the heck is no one prepared for an onside kick, how in the hell is that possible? And the play calling…pathetic. I am not saying that your thought process was wrong Krane, but the fact of the matter is, that EVERYONE should have been berated.

  6. bob pohlmann says:

    As my son says, only New York teams lose like that on the last play. The highs and lows of a great sports town. As a Met fan since 1962 I know what losing is all about. Hey Krane, I still got that rookie card with you and Casey on it. A true classic.

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