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Buy real cialis You can tell Alderson and Co. Buy real cialis are new around here, buy real cialis they don’t understand that Mets fans need to read at least one news story about the team every day during the long, buy real cialis cold winter (are we only 2 days into winter? Aggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!) so when Sandy Alderson says, buy real cialis “there will be no players moves until sometime in January” HUH? In fact the Mets have shut down the AIA (Alderson Intelligence Agency) until after New Year’s. Buy real cialis Uhhhhhh excuse me Mr. Buy real cialis Alderson, buy real cialis sir. Buy real cialis What do you expect us newly appointed Minsters of Information (formerly known as “bloggers” ) to do in the mean time? Sure I have the New York Choking Bastards Giants to follow this week against the Packers in a game that would put them in the playoffs, buy real cialis the hard working New York Rangers, buy real cialis now managed by the best hockey GM in the NYC Metro Area (it’s not that tough a title to win as Lou Lamerillo has been kidnapped and the Devils have been taken over by Matt Millen and the Islanders went out of business about 5 years ago) and of course my wonderful Boston Celtics (there is nothing better than the moment during last night’s C’s-Sixers game when Tommy Heinshon claimed he was going to blow up the refeeres room after the game last night due to officiating so bad I was waiting to hear Tommy say “this game has been Donaghy-ed”)  but it’s Mets news that sustains me.

Buy real cialis I have a theory that Alderson is doing this on purposes; he is challenging his new Ministers of Information to show their creative side. Buy real cialis  I came to this conclusion while reading this post on Amazin’ Avenue on how to program SNY to make it more Mets-sentric, buy real cialis a real thorn in the Mets fan side, buy real cialis the station has no original Mets programing. Buy real cialis The sad part is there a tons of creative folks at SNY, buy real cialis especially the ones working on Mets Weekly, buy real cialis which SNY has destroyed from its original purpose, buy real cialis a show for Mets fans about Mets fans. Buy real cialis Along with bring Mets Weekly back to its original focus, buy real cialis the suits at SNY should heed the programing advice brought up by James Kannengieser, buy real cialis especially a show with R.A. Buy real cialis Dickey who would be great doing a spiritual talk show, buy real cialis where he quotes baseball scripture “sometimes we can question the role of the Baseball god, buy real cialis when we read from the Book of Durocherrotomy 19:69 “Thou who is a man of kindness, buy real cialis will undoubtedly never see the light of day” not always true. Buy real cialis One can be kind and still be an assassin on the field, buy real cialis especially if your ball floats like a balloon in the wind”  

Buy real cialis The DocuMetries is an outstanding idea, buy real cialis especially now that the 50th Anniversary of the franchise is a season away. Buy real cialis Think about a documentary on the birth of the team from the Dodgers and Giants leaving, buy real cialis to Robert Moses pushing Flushing Meadows as a stadium site to Mrs. Buy real cialis Payson, buy real cialis Stengel, buy real cialis Hodges, buy real cialis and Seaver or one on the Tom Seaver Im-Perfect game with interviews of Seaver, buy real cialis Jerry Grote, buy real cialis Jimmy Quals and other players in that game? The Rise and Fall of Doc and Darryl? This franchise is a treasure trove of ideas for a disaster informative documentary.

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