Kerel Cooper of On The Black feels it’s time to retire Ed Kranepool’s #7 and of course, yours truly is on board on this crusade.

Kerel was kind enough to ask me about my feelings on retiring #7 in honor of Steady Eddie and he added my sentiments in his post.

It would be a great gesture by the organization to honor Kranepool by retiring his number with the 50th Anniversary of the franchise a year away

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  1. Not sure if I agree that the number should be retired (you could always make Reyes wear 77, like Phil Esposito did when the Rangers retired Gilbert’s number.) I agree with the sentimentality of it, just not sure if the on the field stuff warranted it.

  2. Steve – I’ve heard a few times today: Mets can’t retire #7 because Jose Reyes wears #7.

    My thoughts are:
    In my opinion the idea of not retiring #7 Kranepool because Jose Reyes wears that number is not a good enough reason. Either – 1. Grandfather Reyes in and let him continue to wear it but no one else wears it after him or 2. Make Reyes change his number.

    What are your thoughts on this topic?

  3. I’d go with grandfathering Reyes wearing #7 until Reyes leaves the Mets (I have a feeling this is Reyes last season as a Met) then take #7 out of circulation

  4. If Steve want #7 retired, do it.
    I saw on another Mets blog that 84% of Mets fans want to give Canseco a shot in Spring taining. Will he be wearing his Peds? I mean Keds.

  5. I agree it should have been retired a long time ago.

  6. It comes down to this- if the reason to retire the number is recognition of loyal service and longevity, do it. If the reason is accomplishments on the field, retiring Kranepool’s number in no way can be justified.

    Since retiring the number is usually for accomplishments, how about recognizing Kranepool in a different way? How about a plaque on the Shea Bridge? How about a statue by the outside apple? This way he gets his deserved due, but not in a way that’s usually reserved for on-the-field achievement.

  7. As I said over at the site of the original article, I am sure that my opinion on whether or not The Krane’s number should be retired or not is malliable, but the fact of the matter is that you can not retire 7 before you retire 17, 31 & 36. And the fact that under this ownership in one way or another has retired more numbers from another organization that they have this one is mind boggling. I don’t think that this should be done willy-nilly, but of the three previous numbers, I don’t even have to make an argument for. And no, I do not count Seaver, because he left before this team was sold, and even if he had not come back in 83, the number was “unofficially-officially” retired June 15, 1977. No one else would have ever worn that number, He is oneof only two Mets to have his number retired. The other two numbers belong to different boroughs. What a joke.

  8. Nobody asked me……

    Krane’s number should not be retired but he is deserving of a special place at Citi. His career numbers don’t merit a retired jersey but let’s honor his place in Mets culture.

    And to put this on equal footing, Stengel’s number shouldn’t have been retired by the Mets and Martin’s number shouldn’t have been retired by the Yankees.

  9. Michael, you are entitled to your opinion. You are certainly right about Stengel. I am not sure I agree with you about Martin.

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