As if the senseless shooting spree in Tucson by a deranged lunatic wasn’t heart wrenching enough, we learn now that the 9 year old girl that was killed, Christina Taylor-Green was the grand daughter of former Mets manager, Dallas Green.

Christina was born on September 11, 2001 and was one of the subjects of a book about the faces of hope of that day and from reading about her, she was very smart and athletic and had a great future ahead of her until this deranged lunatic took her young life.

If the political leaders of our country want to make a real statement, they should immediately stop the divisive rhetoric that comes from both sides of the aisles on Congress and from both sides of our political views.

I’ve tried to make a pact with myself to not get political here at Kranepool Society because this is a baseball site but things happen that make me so god damn mad that I need to use this form to get them off my chest.

We are becoming a nation where the ignorant are becoming a force in how this country is viewed and how the nation is run. It’s one thing to have debate over National Health Care, it’s another to stoop to name calling and out and out nastiness to get your point across. This is not a left/right issue. I was not a fan of the Bush/Chaney administration but if someone other than an American criticizes them, I defended them because they were the president and vice president of my country.

The left is just as clueless and vitriolic as the right and what that does is leave us folks in the middle shaking our heads.

When did we get to this us vs. them? Do we want to fight the Civil War again? I don’t think so.

It comes down to education. I marvel at some of the parents of the kids in my children’s schools. They blame the teachers and the education system for the failure of their child education. Meanwhile none of the parents have ever read a book or a newspaper or can hold a rudimentary conversation on current events. If you’re that kind of parent, then it’s you who is failing your child.  This is why math scores are down, reading scores are down and this segment of parents screem about the teacher not doing their job. These are the same folks who when the child comes home from school and the child wants to tell them about their school day and told to hush up, as Maury is getting to announce which loser on his panel is the baby’s daddy.

We have lost our way, I don’t know if this tragedy in Tucson will be a wake up call or not. I thought the attack of the Towers on September 11, 2001 that united us as Americans would last but as we creep up on the 10th Anniversary of that awful day, we as a nation have grown further apart. Who knows where we’ll be in another 10 years?

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