As first reported by Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest, the NY Mets have signed LHP Tim Byrdak to a minor league deal. Byrdak and Taylor Tankersley will compete for the LOOGY role for the Mets left vacant by the loss of Perpetual Pedro Feliciano.

For his career, Byrdak has been quite effective against left handed hitters with a line of .202/.296/.380. Before last season he was a predominantly ground ball pitcher but since 2008 his GB/FB ratio has gone from 1.10 to 0.93 to .054 last season. Becoming a fly ball pitcher should help Byrdak working at Citi Field but as long as he pitches against left handed hitters only.  Right handed hitters seem to find a base open frequently with Byrdak proven by a .400 OBA fuel mostly by walks.

If the Highlanders had signed Byrdak, I bet one of their more studious bloggers would make a case for his Hall of Fame candidacy. By the way, and keep this on the downlow PLEASE!!!!! I have been in constant contact with Bronx Bastards President Branch Randy Rickey Levine about trading for Ollie Perez to fill the Highlander rotation.  I took Cliff Lee’s Baseball-Reference page and put Ollie’s name and info on it and Levine was quite impressed. Please, please keep this between you, me and the lamppost, don’t let this info out, we are very close to an announcement.

The Mets have really stepped up their community involvement this winter, on Wednesday the held Citi Field Kids and on Thursday they announced the opening of the Mets Starlight Site Care Room at New York Hospital in Flushing which will help children with chronic and life threating diseases with their treatments. While Terry Collins, Josh Thole and Jose Reyes were at NY Hospital, R.A. Dickey, Dillon Gee, Bobby Parnell and Mike Pelfrey went to the FDNY Training Center on Randalls Island. The players traded in their double knits for bunker wear and went through some fire fighting drills. Parnell and Gee should have had an advantage here as both their dads are fire fighters. MediaGoon has some great pics and video of these events posted on Mets Police. I want to make a t-shirt with that pic of Jeffey Skill Sets in his bunker gear.

When Chris Young signed his deal with the Mets, before it could be official he had to go through the ritual of drinking the sacred Sandy Alderson Kool-Aid from the Tug McGraw chalice (the one Mets artifact that Charlie Samuels didn’t pilfer and sell on eBay) “Do you believe in the NY Mets”? asked Alderson, I DO IDO responded Young. “Do you renounce Philadelphia, Atlanta, Florida and Washington as teams that are superior to the Mets”? Alderson questioned, YES!!!!!!! Your excellency YES!!!!! Cried out Young, and with that Alderson raised the chalice to the sky and said “In the name of Seaver, Hodges and the Holy Joan Payson, received thy gifts as You Gotta Believe” and with that Young took a sip of the Kool-Aid and felt a rush throughout his body and suddenly his right hand, like it had been possessed, started striking the front of his thigh violently.

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  1. Sounds like Sandy is just gonna storm the beach like a good Marine does. The Mets are becoming responsible citizens in the community. Hey, did you see that the Mets Logo polled #1 in a survey.

  2. You are hysterical…….

  3. Down here in Raysland they signed Damon to help them win and Manny for entertainment value when they lose.

  4. Sandy’s signings:

    Flotsam, jetsam, and allwetsam.

  5. kranepool says:


    The New York Highlanders are no better than a third place team.

    Pee Wee Cashman weeps as he wanted to be part of Sandy’s Dream Team He always wanted to be a real baseball GM when he grew up

  6. Originally Posted By kranepool@Michael

    The New York Highlanders are no better than a third place team.

    Pee Wee Cashman weeps as he wanted to be part of Sandy’s Dream Team He always wanted to be a real baseball GM when he grew up

    Just show me the rings, babe!

  7. Michael, the team in the Bronx wins in spite of the GM, not because of him. He has been GM since 1998, and still living off of Gene Michael’s team. In the past 12 years as the man running the show, they have developed four players that are regular contributors, and only three of them are playing for Hal & Hank. Cano, Hughes & Jackson (for the Tigers) are players, and I even like Gardner, but outside of that, just what has he done that was not via the checkbook? (See Joba rules) Admittedly, his former counterpart in Queens, tried as well, but they were always over paying for the contents of the box, instead of what they revealed behind the curtain. So please, you can show off the jewelery if you want, but the “championship” defense is just a lame way of telling people that they are right about the anti-Bronx statement that they make.

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