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Generic viagra mexico There  has  been a lot of chatter over a piece that Jeff Pearlman wrote for CNN about tracking down a couple of guys who sent him some hate e-mail over a blog post he made about Jeff Bagwell not being Hall of Fame worthy. Generic viagra mexico One of the e-mails was cloaked in deception as a civil response to Pealrman’s anti- Bagwell post but when Peralman opened the link he was struck with a pornographic image instead. Generic viagra mexico What made it worse was he was sitting with his 7 year old daughter when he opened it.

Generic viagra mexico Pearlman’ naiveté of opening a link sent by a stranger can be debated but what can’t be denied is that Pearlman went  all George Costanza on his ass. Generic viagra mexico Remember when George was driving  Danny Tartabull to a PBS fund raiser when he thought another driver had given him and Tartabull the finger and chased the guy all the way upstate NY only to find the guys’ finger was in a cast? Well, generic viagra mexico that sort of what Pearlman did.

Generic viagra mexico Pearlman doesn’t reveal how he tracked these vile critics down but he did and when he confronted them on the phone, generic viagra mexico they were shocked and I guess a bit scared that their cloak of anonymity was lifted.

Generic viagra mexico When you write a blog you have to expect nasty and vile comments. Generic viagra mexico On this site, generic viagra mexico I’ve had commentators who have left some awful comments about me personally and some of my posts. Generic viagra mexico If they are funny or creative I let them stand, generic viagra mexico but if they are about someone else either a subject I’ve written about or another commentator I delete them. Generic viagra mexico I can’t tell you how many racists and homophobic comments I’ve had to delete over the last few years. Generic viagra mexico I won’t ever allow that here.

Generic viagra mexico Now I wouldn’t go to the extreme that Pearlman did unless someone made a personal threat against me, generic viagra mexico if that happened I’d probably got to the police with it as my ass kicking days are over. Generic viagra mexico By the way Pearlman is all wrong about Bagwell, generic viagra mexico the guys belongs in the Hall of Fame. Generic viagra mexico If Jeff or anyone else thinks I’m wrong you know where to find me. Generic viagra mexico I ain’t hiding.

Generic viagra mexico The San Francisco Giants brought the 2010 World Series trophy to NYC this weekend. Generic viagra mexico Greg Prince and Caryn Rose both got to lay eyes on the great baseball prize. Generic viagra mexico As many long time readers here know, generic viagra mexico my dad was a huge NY Giants fan and even when they left town he still rooted for them until 1962 when the Mets were born. Generic viagra mexico Not only because it was a new NL team (There was never ever a thought of my dad becoming a Highlanders fan. Generic viagra mexico You had a better chance of him saying the Queen of England was a pretty good gal than have him say anything nice about the Bronx Bastards)but by playing in the Polo Grounds, generic viagra mexico he could now get back to his old stomping grounds. Generic viagra mexico   So for all sons and daughters of old NY Giants fans I’d like to tip my Mets cap to Bill Neukom for not forgetting the franchises roots.

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