My old man had a saying for times like these “Sometimes the Divil (devil) ya know, is better than the Divil ya don’t know”

While some of us in the Mets flock are rejoicing in the sudden financial troubles of the Skill Sets, and from reading various stories this morning it looks as though this 25 % sell off could turn out to be a lock, stock and barrel affair. You gets control of the team could either be a boon or our worst nightmare. If Irving Picard can prove all of alliagations in court about what the Skill Sets and Uncle Saul knew and when they knew it, then there will be an under new management sign out on the Citi Field concourse.

I’ll get into who would be good and bad candidates later as right now I’m off to Foley’s for SABR DAY

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  1. I have been saying it forever, any time this has come up over the last few years, but YOU HAVE TO KEEP THE DOLANS OUT. Especially SNY. I understand that Sports Nite might be hosted by the best anchors, but it is the only place to turn to for local sports highlights. They do cover all of the teams, at least a little bit, even if they show too much NBA, but that is just my own personal bias. Dolans used to have sports desk, but as soon as their teams went into the tank (and are basically still there, over a decade, they have been so poorly run) and the main anchor of SportsDesk, was honest, in other words critical, they got rid of the show. It would if all of the Dolan misery was not enough, would mean the return of Fran Healy, who has blackmail material on the Dolans and that CAN NOT be tolerated.

  2. A lot of good reading these days.

    I eagerly await the start of the championship season.

  3. fritz peterson says:

    The Dolans would be worse than the wilpons but I’m willing to take the risk. At the right price, there would be many bidders for the mets bc this is the NL franchise in NY. There are 3 million + tickets burning a hole in our pockets – i.e., a good ownership will be rewarded w big attendance and all the concession sales that go with it.

    Yes, we need to keep the dolans out. They are the only guys over whom i’d prefer fred and little fred wilpon.

  4. fritz peterson says:

    ps – i did change my mind in mid post. I want the dolans out. That is not a risk I want to take.

  5. Well, the other shoe has appeared.Perhaps it should have been tossed at junior during the last press conference.I thought they looked slightly strained during their latest exercise in futility.Look, Jeff is a weasel,God knows what he could actually do besides screw up, Fred either has to sell the Mutts and SNY or put Jeff up for adoption.Maybe China…

  6. Krane, I can not wait to read your comments on at least, the theoretical possibility that the real #7 might be part of a group that seeks to purchase at least part (50%+) of the team.

  7. Fritz, believe me, you made the right change of course, all you have to do is look at the track record. Look at how they run everything else. Glen Sather, Isiah Thomas, the way they work, Omar Minaya would still be GM and we would still be hearing about the steadiness of Fernando Tatis, and how Fernando Martinez will be the next Albert Pujols. No, you do NOT want the Dolans…we won’t even get into what they would do to SNY.

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