All you fellows who have someone
And you really care, yeah, yeah
Then it’s all of you fellows
Who better beware, yeah yeah
Somebody’s out to get your lady
A few of your buddies they sure look shady
Blades are long, clenched tight in their fist
Aimin’ straight at your back
And I don’t think they’ll miss

I don’t know what is more of a mess the Skill Sets finances, the shity weather or my garage but I know one thing I’m sick of all three.

Last night on the Baseball Bloggers Alliance Baseball Talk, Ed (Rustyjr) Marcus of the Real Dirty Mets joined me for the half hour podcast, where we discussed the Skill Sets and Sandy Alderson’s stewardship it is well worth a listen.

Tomorrow at 11:05AM ET I will be a guest on Gotham Baseball LIVE with Mark Healy and Joe McDonald.

So it seems Sandy Alderson shopped Carlos Beltran and David Wright this off season and to that I say good for him. Nothing against Beltran or Wright but this is what a GM does. Instead of Mets fans getting all up in arms about these trade innuendoes, you should be happy that there is someone in charge of the organization that is not personally attached to the players. No matter how good or bad Beltran performs this season this is his last go round as a Met. As for Wright, I’d love to see David play his whole career in Flushing but if there is a deal out there that brings back talent that could fill one or two positions of need (starting pitcher and second base) you’d be foolish to go against it.

Mike Piazza was at the Thurman Munson Dinner last night and of course the subject of the Skill Sets finances came up. Piazza made it known he won’t be making a bid but it sure seems he feels the organization needs new leadership:

I’m being very optimistic about it,” Piazza said. “I think sometimes there’s a silver lining to these situations. Maybe whoever gets involved with the team will want to go in the direction they need to go.

“Again, you do as an ex-player, now as a fan, you hate to see turmoil in the organization. But, on the same note, maybe there will be a positive that comes out of this and they’ll take on someone who truly loves the organization and wants it to get back to the top because, lord knows, they have some work to do.”

With all the Skill Sets stories out it took none other than Jonah Keri to put it in the right perspective, looking at the whole body of the Skill Sets work they’ve done a bad job of running this organization.

Too bad Jeff Pearlman wasn’t around 100 years ago

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  1. john kerry says:

    I’m going to read to read the Jonah Kerri article as you suggest but before I do, I have to say for the record that I don’t need his or anyone else’s perspective to conclude that the wilpons have done a bad job of running the organization.

    Do you?

    Actually, I think you do. You were slow to realize how bad omar, gangsta, and the wilpons are. You helped perpetuate the situation when the time for anger was right after the 2007 collapse and up until the mid-June 2008 lethargy. I’ll be generous and give you that window. Getting fed up w/the wilpons in late 2010 but in the meantime feeding the ‘rah rah’ real fans don’t give up propoganda has only extended the agony all of us mutt fans feel.

    Told you many times over the years all these guys are dogs but you wouldn’t listen.

    Here’s a smart, perceptive thought I’m having now that you should not ignore: Sandy Alderson will resign. He feels humiliated and deceived. He will ask Selig for his cush job back.

    Also, watch for lawsuits from disgruntled agents who sent their clients (jason bay, johan)into a fraudulent organization.

    Just trying to help you get ahead of the curve so next time you’re writing early articles about how bad things are instead of directing us to j. kerri 3-4 years after it was obvious the wilpons were idiots. maybe 7-9 years – the signing of fat mo vaughan was a screaming signal.

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