The NY Times has a couple of interesting items pertaining to the Wilponzi’s and Citi Field. The cost of a trial between Madoff victim trustee Irving Piccard and the Skill Sets could put the Freddy and Uncle Saul into financial ruin but so could an out of court settlement. Either way the Skill Sets are fucked it’s just a matter of which way will be less painful.

The Citi Field story is hilarious as the author thinks this would be a good time to drop the Citi name and the millions that come with it, and rename it Shea Stadium. A real nice thought but with the Skill sets hurtin’ for dough it will never ever happen. In fact don’t be surprised the Champions Club is not renamed the Medellin Club.

Back in December when I attended the Mets Holiday Party, I got to speak to David Wright. As I wrote back then, it seemed that Wright was happy for the change in leadership in the front office and the manager’s office.  He didn’t come out and say it but from the conversation you could tell there was no accountability in the clubhouse amongst the players and the manager, knowing he was out of a job mailed it in that last two months of the season. Wright even said that so far in his Mets career “I only have one NL East Championship and that is not enough” No one can question Wright’s work ethic on and off the field for the Mets and it seems like he is ready to be an ally to Terry Collins and sell his style and message. From reading stories today, Wright also seems to be ready to throw his veteran weight around in the clubhouse. Why not, the understated way of doing things hasn’t worked so with managerial backing, Wright may be ready to step up as the team’s vocal leader. That doesn’t mean being a “rah-rah “ guy it means getting guys to work harder and also take responsibility in the wins and losses and getting his teammates to sharpen their focus.  

Ed Marcus (a/k/a Rusty Jr) continues his series of the Top 50 Mets of All Time with Number 29 David Cone. The Cone for Ed Hern deal is one of the all-time steals in baseball history. Cone was a lighting rod on and off the field for the Mets as Ed points out in his piece.

The Mets have hired 48 year old Brad Andress as their new strength and conditioning coach. In reading Andress’ bio, it’s interesting to see that he assisted Clint Hurdle when he was with the Rockies in travel scheduling and administrative duties. I’d bet that Andress will do the same with the Mets since that was part of Charlie “Make Me An Offer” Samuels tasks when he wasn’t  pilfering the Mets clubhouse.   

I could definitely live with Tampa Bay Rays owner Stuart Sternberg of the Canarsie Sternberg’s buying the Mets. This is so good it will never happen. My biggest fear is that M. Donald Grant has some grandchildren running around from a love child he had with Joan Payson with a robust trust fund and ends up buying the Mets. (Tip of the Mets cap to Metsblog for the link to Cork Gaines story)

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  1. Dan Gurney says:

    The more I read about the Madoff mess, the worse it becomes. I’ve tended to think of the Wilpons as well meaning but somewhat inept. Now they coming across vile, corrupt and even more inept. That’s the Highlander’s job.

  2. Krane- are you sure that’s there’s not a guy out there named M. Jeffy DeRoulet wanting the Mets?

  3. I trust the Wilpons for going all out in the court of law to have a better chance then what went on so far.

    Better does not mean winner. Because one never knows what could happen in a court room.

    But obviously they must have felt that they was being pushed around to much.

  4. You dont think Picard has a slam dunk case? What you dont hear is the evidence collected from everyone else that cut a deal with him that are probably vomitting out of the mouth telling him anything he wanted to hear. Plus once the govt got a hold of the banking records there is no hiding. Wilpons aren’t going to court because if they do they may go to JAIL..They are crooks always have been. People forget they built 4 Stadiums ever wonder where the money came from? the guy went from a 5% owner to this? On the money he made off the Mets? There really isnt anyone out there that belives that is there?

  5. “My biggest fear is that M. Donald Grant has some grandchildren running around from a love child he had with Joan Payson with a robust trust fund and ends up buying the Mets.” …..Thanx for my belly laugh of the day !!! Who writes this stuff ??? I know ,you do .

  6. Krane, my message to David Wright, besides laying off the slider low and away, is TALK IS CHEAP…do it.

  7. Bernie Madeup says:

    I think it’s time for David Wright to go somewhere else.

    And yes, talk is cheap. I ignore virtually any positive thing any current Met says. This is a sick organization and the time to hit the cutoff man, hustle on grounders, squeeze the popups, etc. etc. was really during the last 17 games of 2007. If that debacle wasn’t enough to scare some fundies into your undies (new phrase just coined by me, though it sounds like Jimmy Walker)then NOTHING will.

    Talk, talk, talk David, and Jose will still be a dope, you’ll still flub easy grounders and make the tough plays, Johan will still get fucking lit up by the Yanks and Phillies, Luis will still be Luis, and so on.

    Fantasy: I buy the Mets and fire every fucking employee. Every one – here’s a cardboard box for each of you. Yeah, you too, Mex, Ronnie, and Gary. Mr. Met – you can stay. Tomorrow we bring in a priest, rabbi, and Mrs. Gil Hodges to excorcise the entire building.

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