I don’t know maybe I think a little differently than some folks. If me and my family were embroiled in a fight to save everything we’ve worked for and the embarrassment we’ve faced due to either stupidity, nativity or out right lying and I owned a baseball team in the biggest media market in the world, I’d kind of lay low for a while and not want to have to answer questions about an on going court case that I really can’t answer or baseball questions that I don’t know how to answer. I’d stay out of the public eye. Unfortunately Jeffey Skill Sets doesn’t think like that.  Here was Jeffey in all his glory and bad hair cut meeting the media at St. Lonesome.

Wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the organization to not have a side show on the day pitchers and catchers report? Especially when you are having a tough time selling tickets? Wouldn’t be in the best interest of the organization to just let Sandy Alderson do the talking this spring and season as well?

Just when I’m getting stoked for Mets baseball and decided to purchase a flex pack ticket plan, I see this video and think hummmmmmmmmm is buying a ticket plan a wise choice? I’m sure I’m not they only one who is thinking this way as well.

Besides Jeffey being there do I have to hear about our domestic violence abuser having his Lamborghini shipped down on a flat bed truck to spring training?  Then hear how great it was that he spoke to the media and a couple of day time yackers on radio? Why is it the guys I want to hear from the least I hear from the most?

The beat guy at the Daily Lupica likes to break Mets fans balls with some stupid Tweets. During last season I guess I tweeted him to many times telling him what a hack he was and how he seemed upset he wasn’t covering the Phillies anymore so he blocked me from his Twitter account which is no big deal to me but I would think it would be a big deal to his bosses at the Daily Lupica since I stopped buying the paper and I never link a story from their site. From the tweets I’ve read today it seems this beat guy has taken to calling Jose Reyes (Michael our resident Highlander fan, you better sit down for this one) a “future Yankee”. Mets tweeters have been outraged and have started a campaign on Twitter to unfollow him. That’s great but take it a step further, don’t link any stories of his or anything in the Daily Lupica on your sites or on Twitter. I ‘m sure Daily Lupica Sports Editor Teri Thompson will not be happy about that.

Ed Marcus/Rusty Jr. has number 21 in his list of the Top 50 Mets of All Time and this one is a bit of a controversial choice as he didn’t spend many years with the Mets and the years he did while showing flashes of brilliance from time to time didn’t exactly make a great contribution. But when he left he was legendary.

I had a great time conversing with Joe Demayo of  PSL to Flushing on the THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN podcast today. Check it out here or on iTunes

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  1. Krane, the newspapers that are based in NYC & LI will continue to be Bronx PR sheets until the Mets win again. This is easy reporting. How can the Mets stop the hacks from taking pictures of cars being delivered? How do the Mets stop that player from being interviewed without it becoming a bigger issue? The owners’ son? I get it, he can’t help himself, but it is his team. Should he stay away, yes, but he has nothing else to do. He does not have the street sense to stay away, the way it would, at least seem, his father and his uncle do. Lupica, Bill Madden, John Harper, the Post, Dolan Daily, they all take pleasure in roasting the Mets. I call it Larry Brooks syndrome. When Larry Brooks was covering the Islanders in the 80s he could not get his nose up Denis Potvin’s jock far enough. Now that he covers hockey’s version of the evil empire (sorry, I know you root for them, but at least they are not the PA teams) and takes his marching orders from Dolan, Inc., he can not go one column without taking a cheap shot at the Islanders, regardless of the theme of the column.

    I am the last person to stick up for what the Mets have done and become, they have run their organization into a laughingstock and deserve derision. However in this particular case, I do not know what they could have done (outside of the COO staying away) to stop this.

  2. Well, according to one of the writers from that picture paper, maybe Dad does not have the sense to stay away…we will find out Thursday.

  3. @pfh64
    I guess just hate that the ownership keeps making itself the story rather than the team on the field

  4. Wilnots…Shame…of course not. Hey hey hey…I can just see the Yankee Dude wearing his Reyes Do Rag. Do you think they’ll “unretire” the Mick’s # for Jose? Do you think Boras is on his knees begging OP not to suck so they can scam some more money out of another team?

  5. Hi Gals,

    I don’t buy into that little punk ever wearing our sacred pinstripes.

    I predict he’ll either stay with the Pepsi Porchers or head north on I-95.

  6. Krane, and with that I totally agree, ownership has far too often, all the way back to do we trade for Piazza or not, has made itself the story. Even when they do something right, (okay, mostly right, they do make some crummy SNY hires, but for the most part they do the right thing) they find a way to screw it up, like taking too long to show preseason games in HD, and I read from the Dolan Daily that they did not exactly rush to set up closed captioning, but this might be quibbling. Unless you have an HD TV or are hearing impaired.

  7. Dude I love you man….didnt realize you hated Lupica s much as I did. Heres a cool story….Wife on my ass to clean out an old closet. What did I find an autographed baseball from Ed Kranepool that I got when I was in high school. Some bitch I had forgotten all about it.

  8. We’re on the same page about Lupica. perhaps for different reasons. Maybe not?

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