Former Mets manager Joe Frazier passed away yesterday at the age of 88. Frazier managed the Mets for a season and a half, winning 86 games with the Mets in 1976 and a 3rd place finish but then getting canned 45 games into the 1977 season  (I have to find time to go through the game logs and game stories of the Mets 1977 which to me, is still the worst season in the history of the franchise. As much as Mets fans are seething over this Madoff/Skill Sets cluster fuck nothing was worse as when the keys to the Mets kingdom were given to that no good piece of shit, M. Donald Grant ) and replaced by St. Joseph of Torre as player-manager.

Check out this post by Mike Silva who give a good take on Frazier’ stewardship with the Mets.

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  1. Although “The Cobra” is remembered slightly more often than Francis “Salty” Parker, 86 wins for a team that did not hit was pretty damn good. I literally have never heard anything about him, pro or con. Rest in peace,Joe.You got out of Dodge just in time.Krane,you are correct, of all the down years, 1977-80 were the worst.The FUCKING MULE, rememberer that.Mettle,the fucking mule that the Yengee announcers were saying on the air”oh no, that can’t be right>” Holy shit, by comparison this is baseball Valhalla The Wilpons at least care,well Fred does…

  2. 1976 will always be a special year for me but for no particular reason. Maybe because ’77 was that bad. So Joe Frazier’s passing wasn’t good news to hear.
    …btw, my brick at Citi says “1977 Still Hurts” ~ Sounds like you can appreciate that?

  3. Dan Gurney says:

    I remember Jack Lang writing in The Sporting News/Baseball Guide that a lot of Mets privately thought that Cobra Joe was chicken***.I would NEVER defend the Mets winter 75 trade of Staub for Fat Mickey but one thing that hurt was in September 1975 Mike Vail came up and hit sensationally. I think the Mets thought he was a replacement for Staub. After the trade, Vail hurt himself playing basketball (shades of Aaron freaking Boone but there was no MVP to replace him).

    You know what I as a fan liked about Frazier? He would change lineups everyday so you had something to look forward too. Of course it was the Leo Fosters and Bruce Boisclair that Grant, McDonald and Scheffing had given him. I don’t know if Frazier was a good manager and no other team ever did but he had the misfortune of taking over just as the bills for a half decade of bad ownership decisions came due.

    PS worst Mets period ever was the Jeff Torborg era. I will have nothing nice to say about him when St Peter calls his name.

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