I’m having computer issues today, I call the tech I usually use and he can’t make it over here until tomorrow, so I’m making due on an antique computer which is not cooperating with my DSL making it  Bengi Molina like slow so I’m trying to put together a quick and dirty post.

I watched a little of the Summer of ’86 special on MSG. First, it’s pretty funny that when it comes to baseball teams in this town, past and present, the two teams that have been chronicled the most in print and film are the New York Mets and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Besides the fact that Can O’ Corn is involved in this special and Spike Lee, who I called out on this site 6 years ago, what more can I possibly learn about this team that  I haven’t learned in the last 25 years? Don’t get me wrong the 1984-1990 era of Mets baseball was the best time I ever had as a Mets fan (I also wonder what that era would be like if there was blogging and social media back then? “I’m at Rusty’s Mex Darling just walk in w/2 blondes” “Doc pitching 2nite at Shea Rolling Stones at MSG what do I do?” oh man I’d have been a hot mess ) but really I’d rather wait for the 25th year anniversary celebration at Cit Field and just watch my box set DVD’s of the 1986 post season thank you.

I can’t believe today’s Mets-Braves game is not on TV. I have the whole afternoon free and I’d love to sit down and watch some Mets baseball. On another TV note, I have to tell all of you Highlander fans out there how sorry I am for you guys that you have to choose between John Sterling and Michael Kay as to who brings you the play by play of your team. I was so pissed off last night that the Highlanders-Red Sox game was blacked out on NESN so I had to listen to Kay and Singleton instead of Don Orsillo and the Rem Dawg.  At least Sterling is entertaining, Kay is just a whinny shit who thinks the Highlanaders are baseball’s Harlem Globetrotters and the other 29 teams the Washington Generals. Look, most teams have homers who broadcast their games, I know that but Kay takes his homerism to major douchebagary heights.

Ed Marcus’ 50 All Time Mets is down to 4 (Jerry Koosman was #5 ) with Darryl Strawberry checks in at the clean up spot. Straw has contended as he looks back on his career that the biggest mistake he made was leaving the Mets. It was a contentious time with Straw and Frank Cashen when he tested the free agent waters. Howie Rose was hosting Mets Extra back then and every show he’s yell out PAY THE MAN!!!! in taking up the Strawberry cause.

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  1. Michael says:

    So is this what it comes down to, babe? Bashing our broadcasters?

    As the great Carl Perkins sang, “If you don’t like my peaches, then don’t shake my tree”.

  2. Utley got one mighty expensive cortisone shot today. Why pay out gazillions to some old guy when you don’t even know what you have down on the farm? Give a young guy a chance. Besides, they come cheap.

  3. This MSG show is horrible! Whoever is the spot buyer for Lincoln needs to be fired today.

    And Michael, that was a rousing defense of the Bronx Broadcast Bunch!

  4. Dan Gurney says:

    I remember Howie Rose’s WFAN show back then predicting that the Mets and Straw would get together and reach an agreement. Not an overblown Francesa-esque “he will and there is no doubt about it”, just a feeling. Howie turned out to be wrong and the results were disastrous for both sides.

    Do Highlanders fans pay a price in having lousy broadcasters announce a perpetually good team? Admittedly some of their tv analysts can be insightful and I find Sterling home run calls a hoot but four hours of listening to Kay/Sterling/Waldman?
    But then we are in a bad state if all we can say is our broadcasters are better than the Bronx’s

  5. yes on the ’86 nostalgia[which is constant in the booth between Keith and Ron, anyway.WTF is Spikey doing there, selling his usual bullshit, making himself the story, as always[his new orleans docs were the best thing he’s ever done, to give proper recognition }I didnt really care for the 1969 one.either, though it should have been longer[I remember being at an anti war rally with my mom, when suddenly they started chanting Lets go mets. seriously]and included much more of what was going on in the city,how John Lindsay adroitly co-opted the Mets to help his reelection,etc…anyhow, correct on the yengee announcers,the best in baseball as pair are the two marlins tv guys, and Steve Bl;ass and the guy he partners with in Pittsburgh …

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