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This off season Ed Marcus (a/k/a RustyJr) of Real Dirty Mets took on the project of asking his readers to send in their list of the Top 50 NY Mets of All-Time. What’s great about the list that Ed tabulated as we enter the 50th season of Mets baseball, there are three generation Mets fans, the oldtimers (my crowd) who have lived through the best and worst of this franchise, the early to mid 40’s Mets fan who aligns very close with the old timer but didn’t witness the ’69 Championship but reveled in ’86. Then there is the young guns of the Mets fandom, the 20-30 something’s who are sick and tired of the previous generations (especially the old-timers) talking about the halcyon days of the franchise.

When I look at the list (Ed has the list of the top 50 posted today but you should look in the archive of that site to read the essay he put together on each player which are well researched and well written especially for you neophyte Mets fans who need a history lesson) there were some pleasant surprises and a few head shakers as well.

At the last game at Shea Stadium, Felix Millian(#50) was introduced and fans my age were clapping and imitating Millian batting stance complete with choking up half way up on our makeshift Mets magazine/bat. More surprising to me was Little Al Jackson coming in at  #35 who has been in the organization as a player/coach/instructor from day 1. Robin Ventura was a shocker at #9 as he played only three seasons with the Mets with 1999 his best, the other two were so-so although like I told Ed I still have my “Mojo Risin’” t-shirt from the 1999 post season.

Of course I feel Ed Kranepool should have placed higher but that’s my personal bias. I can see Mike Piazza at #2 even though I’m not a big Piazza fan (Jerry Grote is still the best catcher in Mets history with Gary Carter close second) and of course the #1 choice will always be the #1 choice as he is then, now and forever THE FRANCHISE, George Thomas Seaver

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Steve – I will publish my personal list tomorrow

  2. That was a great series over at Real Dirty Mets. I didn’t submit a list so I can’t complain about the order. Of course I agree that Tom Seaver is the clear # 1.

    Which leads me to my point: the Mets traded Tom Seaver, 3 time Cy Young award winner, the best player period let alone the best home grown player in the history of “The Franchise.”

    So when I hear people say “if the Mets trade Jose Reyes I won’t…(whatever – watch, go to games, follow the team, root for the team) I laugh.

    They traded Seaver and I’m still a fan. Reyes is very good but he’s no Seaver. The Mets will still exist in a post-Reyes world and I’ll still be a fan.

    I’m not rooting or hoping for him to be traded, just noting if it does happen it’s not even close to the end of the world. Trading Seaver was close to the end of the world and I’m still here.

  3. kranepool says:

    Jay I’m with you 100 % I’m resigned to the fact that Reyes and Beltran will not be Mets after this year in fact they could be ex-Mets by the end of July.

    On Reyes we don’t know what he’s looking for as far as contract but if he wants 7 years then good luck thanks for everything.

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