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Buy online order viagra For those of you who are still interested, buy online order viagra Mets single game tickets go on sale today at 10AM. When you click on the link you’ll see that opening day is still available. Buy online order viagra It wasn’t long ago that opening day was one of the toughest tickets of the season to obtain. Buy online order viagra You either had to be a season ticket holder, buy online order viagra of a partial plan holder to get a first game ticket and regular price. Buy online order viagra I remember some seasons paying a premium price on the secondary market to make sure I was in the ball park for the season opener. Buy online order viagra This year I bought my opening day ticket on a special pre-sale but not to worry if you haven’t purchased yours yet there should be plenty for sale.They’ll be plenty of concourse space to stroll around the ballpark on April 8. Buy online order viagra Sad. Buy online order viagra  

Buy online order viagra Mets management has come up with a very good move in making sections 338 and 339 the Mr. Buy online order viagra Mets Landing. Buy online order viagra Ticket for kids under 12 years old are 10 bucks and for adults $20. Buy online order viagra That’s well worth it. Buy online order viagra Now if the organization would just understand they are not in a real strong position to have price tiering and how it is an absolute turn off to fans and the fact they really need to stop catering to the fat cats who could care less if the Mets win or lose as long as the Chablis and brie is flowing and price their tickets to a more middle class fan friendly level, buy online order viagra it would be better for business. Buy online order viagra I see all these ads with the catchy slogans but I guess I missed the one that said all tickets 50 % off.

Buy online order viagra It’s very rare that I link to Phil Muschnick on this site but today(Thanks to Eagle for the link) he had a column that sums up what Citi Field, buy online order viagra Highlander Stadium on eventually Madison Square Garden have become, buy online order viagra a mall with sporting events going on.

Buy online order viagra No need to rehash my assessment of Citi Field as a food court with a baseball diamond but all the new stadiums in the area have become just that. Buy online order viagra There is no home field advantage anymore for any of the NYC teams, buy online order viagra they play in gentrified playgrounds where the emphasis is on the cuisine and drink rather than the home run, buy online order viagra touchdown or power play goal.

Buy online order viagra Another must read today is Larry Brooks column on the NY Rangers having no home ice advantage anymore at MSG. Buy online order viagra You need not be a hockey fan to read this article as it pertains to all the sports teams here in NYC. Buy online order viagra Back in the late 70’s and through the decade of the 1980’s if you were a visiting hockey team coming into MSG, buy online order viagra you were intimidated by who was in stands more than who was on the ice. Buy online order viagra  I sat in the late lamented Section 432 of the Blue Seats back then and every game night at the Garden was intense. Buy online order viagra When the Islanders came in the building during the National Anthem all you could here were screams of POTVIN SUCKS and banners were unfurled from the seats in the obstructed section of the Blues proclaiming Mike Bossy’ enjoyment of anal sex. Buy online order viagra (thanks to Blutto for that correction how could I forget “Bossy takes it up the ass doo dah doo dah”) Today if you yell too loud in MSG you’re looked at as someone strange.

Buy online order viagra Shea was the same way. Buy online order viagra Ask the Cubs of 1969, buy online order viagra the Astros and Red Sox of 1986. Buy online order viagra How many games did the Mets play at Shea that were either rain delayed or into extra innings or they were down double digits runs and all you could hear were the die hards screaming LET’S GO METS, buy online order viagra LET’S GO METS. Buy online order viagra How many LET’S GO METS chants have you heard at Citi Field? Not many, buy online order viagra Have you ever been to a game at Citi where  Johan  Santana, buy online order viagra Big Pelf or Frankie Rodriguez had a two strike count  and two outs and you got up from your seat the clap and encourage that third strike because as fans that’s what we do, buy online order viagra and be told to please sit down? I know you’re nodding your head because if it happened to me I know it has happened to you.

Buy online order viagra The Skill Sets made a deal with the devil catering to those they thought were kind of folks with deep pockets who would pay any price to sit in a suite or club seat at Citi Field but all they got was a pitch fork stuck in their ass.

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