I’ve been away from the laptop most of the weekend as my wife and I took off to Atlantic City for the weekend to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.  Before our kids were born, we would venture to AC quite often , we’d see a show, do some gambling, have a few cocktails and have quite a good time.

When our kids were born, that put a end to our weekend getaways alone and going out drinking ( my wife of course couldn’t drink while she was pregnant so when we’d go out during those nine months I felt guilty having a drink while she sipped ginger ale so I joined her in having a soft drink with dinner. Funny thing is after our son was born, neither one of us wanted to drink anymore, one more thing to thank my kids for) after our kids were born we traded trips to AC and Vegas for jaunts to Sesame Place and Disney World after spending our first weekend in AC in seventeen years, we had a great time (after 25 years of marriage we still love each other’s company )but I’ll tell you this, it’s amazing how you change when you have kids, we miss Sesame Place more than we miss Atlantic City.

On the way down the Garden State Parkway, I heard the news that Luis Castillo was released by the Mets, no shocker there. What was surprising was Sandy Alderson citing among other reasons for Castillo’s release, the fact that the fans detested him. Not that Alderson was wrong in that easement; it was just something I didn’t think I’d here from the GM.

Why did Mets fans root for the day that Castillo (and shortly, like tomorrow, the release of Oliver Perez)  would be an ex-Met? Because the feeling amongst the majority was LC was here due to the $6mil owed him on his contract. Alderson stated that contract status would not be what keeps a player on this Mets team, and he should be applauded for sticking to that promise. Mets fans also see that Castillo is nowhere close to the player who helped the Marlins win a World Series, he’s 34 years old, with sore feet and achy knees that have hampered his range in the field and has led him to become a hitting into the “6-4-3 DP” machine. His days as an everyday player are over. Even if the Mets kept him and played him at 2nd base everyday to start the season, he’d be broken down by Memorial Day. It’s sad that age and history have caught up to Castillo that led to his demise and it also didn’t help that he has had a hard time coping with that reality.

Did the fact that Castillo is a Latino have anything to do with the fans wishing him gone? Perhaps. I’m sure there are some Mets fans that held his ethnicity against him but I would hope that they are in the minority. The Mets beat writer for the NY Daily News has this strange obsession with race and the Mets. Early in spring training he wrote about the lack of minorities on the Mets coaching staff. Then he tried to portray adding Mookie Wilson to the staff as a token gesture. All that did was solidify my thinking that the writer is a talentless hack, lacking knowledge of Mets history and Mets fans as Mookie Wilson is one of the most popular Mets of all time.

See the race card is like a fire alarm, use it too many times in situation where it’s not warranted, it acts like a false alarm, and people never know when it’s the real thing. The Daily News beat man has been irresponsible in his reporting and on Twitter when it comes to the Mets  and comes off as a guy who hates his job, which is for him to deal with just don’t drag Mets fans into your world of despair.

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  1. Krane, first, I would like to tip my Mets’ cap to you and Mrs. Krane on 25 years.

    Secondly, I disagree with you on Castillo. There absolutely was an ulterior motive for him getting released…It immediately made the team better, and pleased the customers. That is pretty ulterior if you ask me.

  2. If fans don’t like Luis because he is Latin, how come we adore Reyes and Santana? The DN will always be a piece of shit rag.

  3. Congrats on 25 well done. Great to see in this day and age. As for the Latin thing. Met fans may be mad about it because it was quite obvious Omar had an affection for signing Latin ball players. I think he was the biggest racist in Metville. I also am one that clearly does not understand why we as Americans allow MLB to be played by almost one third non American born players. Doesnt make any sense to me. If that makes me a racist so be it. I think it makes me logical.

  4. The only Race Baseball fans really care about is a Pennant Race. If you’re from Pluto and can hit, we love you. If you suck, it doesn’t matter what you are, you suck.

  5. Mookie Wilson, Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Tommy Agee, John Milner (okay, I added my own personal touch here) all fan favorites. Last time I checked, not a lot of caucasions in that group.

  6. Congrats on 25 !!!! I was wondering where you went with such huge Mets news erupting from St. Lonesome…Ollie is gone now Too !!!

    Alderson saw what a hero he became just by releasing Castillo,he decided to become a Superhero !!! This day will be remembered right up there with.. “Keith a Met”, “Carter a Met”, “Piazza a Met”…
    Hey, addition through subtraction…best moves in team history!!!

  7. The right moves have been made.

    I eagerly await the start of the championship season.

  8. Steve,

    My sincerest congrats to you and your lovely wife.


    1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986

  9. kranepool says:

    First off thanks for the kind congrats on our anniversary much appreciated. I have a bet with a co-worker. I say the Mets will have a better record than the Highlanders. Loser has to pay for lunch at Katz’s Deli and wear winning teams jersey for the day.

  10. Guys, I don’t want to throw a match into the fire, but the discussion about race and the current Mets team is not an African American/white discussion (in response to the poster who listed all of his favorite African American Mets), but the fans’ (the majority of whom are white) reaction to Castillo as a Latino. While I’d like to agree most Mets fans did not have a problem with Omar signing so many Latino players, once it became apparent the plan wasn’t working, many fans lashed out at “Los Mets” for being too Latino and we often heard criticisms that the Latino players were “lazy”, “not baseball smart” and “showboaters” (which are terms often used to criticize African American players). Castillo, perhaps unfairly, became the face of this backlash and I don’t think the criticism toward him would have been as harsh as it was had Luis been white (or even African American).

    Speaking of African Americans, the interesting fact, which has been virtually ignored by fans (perhaps in part because we’ve had African American managers for the past five years) is the dearth of African American players on this team. Since Sheffield in 2009 and Gary Matthews, Jr. (who never really was an everyday player) was released in 2010, this team had no African Americans on its major league roster. While it is true African American players are a diminishing breed in MLB, it concerns me that we’ve not had many Black players during the last two years. At least it looks like Scott Hairston and Willie Harris will make the team this year.

    Bottom line, in spite of all of this, I just want a winning team, regardless of the color or ethnicity of the players!

    As a fellow Mets/Rangers/Giants fan, I love the site!! Congrats on the 25th Anniversary Steve!


  11. @bluto the last thing we need is a PC blog update. You make a lot of allegations not one backed up. You remember Kevin McReynolds? Rich Hebner. Remember Carter at the end? Louis wasn’t half as hated as the media has made it out to be. However he did take the brunt of Met fans ire for the love affair of the hispanic ballplayer by Omar. If you deny Omar favored hispancis you are just being chicken. The truth about race is having the ability to talk about it honestly. Sugar coating and avoiding the issue doesn’t help. And yes you are correct we have a rotunda named after the great jackie ribinson we have his number retired yet we have had a limited number of blacks o our team. Anyone ever wonder why?

  12. The fact of the matter is that Castillo was hated for dropping a popup, then catching the next one one handed as well, not to mention it happened against the Yankees. Mets’ fans hated Castillo because they saw a guy who was over paid and a ME FIRST guy. His days as a top of the order guy have been over for a long time, and yet whenever he did not bat second he became a clubhouse cancer. He was already an offensive liability, and he was also becoming a defensive liability, so what was the need to keep him on the team? He was a PR disaster, and would have been an embarrassment to introduce on opening day. Haven’t the Mets already have enough of those?

  13. Jason Bay Sucks !!!! There, now my racist guilt has been quenched.Remember Doug Sisk,Dave Kingman…. That was before we became racist.

    Addition through subtraction.
    Mets – (Castillo/Perez)= Better Team
    I agree with Peter.The only Race Baseball fans really care about is a Pennant Race.

  14. Paul, you make my point exactly! I said Luis became the poster boy for the fans’ anger at the Minaya regime for bringing in so many Latino ballplayers to the Mets! I never said white fans disliked Castillo because he is Latino. Any where exactly in my post do I say that Omar did not favor Latino players? I personally know Omar and while I consider him a friend and know he is not racist, clearly he had a comfort level with Latino players (and probably their agents) which led him to sign and/or trade for those players in disproportionately high numbers.

    And what allegations do I make that I didn’t back up? Do you disagree many white fans believe Latino and African American players, by large, are lazy, unintelligent and showboaters?

    Finally, I am confused by the question you pose at the end of your post. You seem to acknowledge the truth in my statement about the lack of African American players on the Mets roster and then you ask “Anyone ever wonder why?” What exactly are you saying in your question? Is it rhetorical? I think I offered part of the answer and that is the decrease in numbers of African Americans playing major league baseball.

    Finally, as for the white players you mention, yes, Mets fans hated McReynolds, Jeffries and Sisk, to name a few. My point (and, again, I think you agree with me) is that there was a growing resentment among the predominately white Mets fans base toward Minaya signing so many Latino players. In the words of pompous know-it-all Mike Francesa, “that’s a fact!” If it had worked and the Mets had one at least one World Series, the fans wouldn’t have care. It didn’t work. Because it didn’t work, the fans unleashed their anger.

    In sum, I know Mets fans have hated white (e.g. the players listed above), black (Gary Matthews, Jr.), yellow (Kaz Matsui) and brown (Castillo) players alike and my point isn’t that Mets fans only hate Castillo, Perez, et al. because they’re Latino.


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