I’ve been reading some of the L.A. Times stories on the takeover of the Dodgers by MLB and The Nutty Professor looking to name a trustee to run the ball club. Selig will name someone who will oversee the daily operations of the team and any and all moves from finance to movement of players will be handled by this caretaker until a new owner can be found. Reading some of the stories, it is astounding how Frank McCourt and his nit-wit soon to be ex-wife, have run the Dodgers into the ground, basically stealing money from the team to pay for their lavish lifestyle while Dodger Stadium has turned into a crime infested slum. You could call the McCourt’s White Trash from Beverley Hills or shanty Irish both names fit them like a Guci glove. But so what about the Dodgers? They left Brooklyn over 53 years ago so payback is a Jamie McCourt. Fuck’em. The question here is, how does this affect the NY Mets?

It looks like the Mets have already been taken care of by Bud Selig, by having Sandy Alderson running the baseball operation.  In my view, Sandy Alderson is the trustee assigned by Bud Selig to run the Mets.  A tid bit I’ve heard about Alderson’s gallop into Queens goes back to last season when everyone knew that Omar and Manuel were dead men walking, the reason neither man was canned during the wretched month of September when the team already had rigor mortis set in the plan to bring Alderson in was in place. As we know with MLB there is always a dog and pony show when it comes to hiring. While most owners want to hire the best white male available to manager their team, they know they must first interview a minority before they can do that, so the case with the Mets new GM was no different. Bring in a bunch of candidates who have no shot at the job but let them get some valuable face time in the New York press which would boost their standing around baseball so they could find a job in a lesser market. The job of saving the Mets had to go to someone with a proven track record and strong enough to pinch Jeffey Skill Sets nose  with one hand and slap it with the other, who better than the Ivy League graduated former U.S. Marine and Viet Nam vet, Sandy Alderson.     

This theory was always speculated but never proven but as we see with the Dodger bail out it all makes sense that Bud the Commissioner would take care of his Bud, Freddy the Skill Set before anyone else.

Alderson not only took the job, he hired his two favorite assistants in J.P. Riccardi and Paul DePodesta as well a nice package deal.

What has been great about the new management so far is since the day that Freddy Skill Sets put on his babushka at St. Lucie to cry for understanding that he is not a thief but a victim of Madoff malfeasants and Jeffey spoke about his daddy and Uncle Saul be great men of baseball and business, we have not heard a peep out of them. Even Dave the Shyster has taken to a vow of silence especially after his “tickets are going like Gangbuster’s” quote.

We saw the eradication of Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez both Alderson executions. Blaine Boyer out after a week. Brad Emaus, thrown overboard, it doesn’t look like Alderson needed anyone’s permission to make these moves. As for adding on payroll, that is not something that looks like it needs to be discussed this season, in fact give this trip to the baseball abyss another month and Gary Cohen’ signature ‘It’s Outta Here” call will be of Mets players become former Mets players and not home runs.

As much as this run of bad baseball has been a sore sight for our eyes, at least we know the Skill Sets are in the background and hopefully never heard from again until the announcement that they have sold the majority of the NY Mets.

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