I just saw this on Metsblog about an interview Willie Harris gave to MASN last night about difference playing for the Mets and the Nats and I think it’s safe to say there’s a shit storm a-comin':

“The (Mets and the Nationals) are a lot different. You know, over here in New York it seems as if everything is somewhat segregated, guys stick to themselves pretty much. In DC, it was more unified. It’s different each place you go. I’m trying to get accustomed to it. I really miss those guys on the other side. I miss playing here in DC, I miss the fans, and wish them the best only except when they’re playing against us.”

I’m sure using the word “segregated” will be what sets fans off and Harris will have to explain that word choice but what gets me is the part where he says he misses playing in DC and the fans, are you fucking kidding me?

Take care Willie don’t let the door hit ‘ya where the good Lord spilt ya’

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  1. Everyone’s allowed one pass, I don’t think it was a loaded comment.

    This is the modern game, guys move around all the time. If fans lose it over saying they miss someplace they’d been and treated fairly well for three years, I’d expect more uproar over the chatty Kathy garbage that occurs at firstbase and the butt slapping that goes on by our shortstop and thirdbasemen every time someone arrives on their base.

    This is modern sports. One giant league banded together

  2. kranepool says:


    It just bugs me that the team is on an upswing and poor Willie has to talk about being homesick meanwhile he’s seen more playing time with Mets than he would have in DC I don’t think he meant to use segregated in a racial form maybe he needs to spring for a dinner or two

  3. Willie, what fans do you miss in DC? The ones disguised as empty seats?

  4. Paul L. says:

    Problem is what Willie said is probably true. I mean who would hang out with Reyes?

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