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Pfizer female viagra As I sat and watched last nights game and another Mike Pelfrey melt down I wondered if Mike Pelfrey still had minor league options and would the Mets make a move to send him to Buffalo? I was set to tweet this to find an answer  and just as I was about to type, pfizer female viagra Gary Cohen (belated Happy Birthday to Gary by the way) answered my question for me, pfizer female viagra yes Pelf has options and Cohen took it a step further and asked would the Mets send him to Buffalo? Cohen and Ron Darling thought that might be the move to make but Keith Hernandez was not in favor. Pfizer female viagra If you ask me, pfizer female viagra if you can option Pelfrey to Triple A then you have to do it for his sake, pfizer female viagra the teams sake, pfizer female viagra and maybe the least, pfizer female viagra for the fans.

Pfizer female viagra It’s to the point where watching Pelfrey pitch has become very uncomfortable. Pfizer female viagra The hand licking thing is really, pfizer female viagra really annoying, pfizer female viagra it’s like a nervous twitch. Pfizer female viagra  I always get the feeling we are one hit or walk or balk away from Pelfrey  curling up on the mound in the fetal position and sucking his thumb. Pfizer female viagra Especially in Philadelphia where he routinely melts down.

Pfizer female viagra The 4th inning last night was a prime example. Pfizer female viagra You knew as soon as Ryan Howard hit that home run, pfizer female viagra Pelfrey was done for the night. Pfizer female viagra That home run would stay in his head for the rest of the start. Pfizer female viagra There is no “turn the page” in the Mike Pelfrey Playbook.  After the home run, pfizer female viagra next batter Ben Francisco gets a base hit and steals second because Pelfrey is still thinking about the home run and Josh Thole is still a green horn behind the plate and that’s a problem as well. Pfizer female viagra Pelfrey needs a veteran catcher to call the game for him. Pfizer female viagra He’s stated this as the less he has to think the better he is, pfizer female viagra that’s why he loved pitching to Henry Blanco, pfizer female viagra and to an extent pitched his best game of the year throwing to Mike Nickeas. Pfizer female viagra If the front office feels they want to keep Pelfrey up here then they should make Pelf become Ronnie Paulino’s pet project and have him become his pitching chauffer.

Pfizer female viagra The decision on what to do with Pelfrey becomes even dicier with Dillion Gee still here. Pfizer female viagra It’s clear, pfizer female viagra if the Mets are not going to put Gee in the rotation then they need to send him to Buffalo and let him pitch every fifth day. Pfizer female viagra It’s not fair to him. Pfizer female viagra His mind set is as a starting pitcher and I felt Terry Collins (who did an awful managerial job last night, pfizer female viagra how do you walk Brain Schneider intentionally with two out and the pitcher up next?) did Gee a real disservice by bringing him in relief like he did. Pfizer female viagra Collins wanted to start Gee last night to give Pelfrey a couple of more days to get over the flu bug that wore him out. Pfizer female viagra Collins let Pelf talk him into giving him the ball. Pfizer female viagra I hope TC learned always go  with your first instinct next time.

Pfizer female viagra So my patience is up with Pelfrey and a shuffle up to Buffalo or a trip to Dr. Pfizer female viagra Phil’ couch look to be in order. Pfizer female viagra As for Pelfrey being the ace of the staff, pfizer female viagra that was some made up main stream media mumbo jumbo bullshit. Pfizer female viagra As Bobby Valentine says, pfizer female viagra the ace of your staff is that day starting pitcher. Pfizer female viagra Amen!

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