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Cheap pill viagra The injury bug has bitten the Mets again, cheap pill viagra and the fan base is ready to go off the deep end. Cheap pill viagra Message to my fellow Mets fans, cheap pill viagra every team gets injuries; the good ones overcome the losers’ sit and lament. Cheap pill viagra Take a look down I-95 at the Phuck Phaces, cheap pill viagra those are key injuries and still they have the best record in baseball, cheap pill viagra oh I’m sorry Mets fans did I hurt your feelings?  I don’t think any fan base in sports cry’s more than Mets fans do when a player gets hurt and unfortunately the manager is starting to fall into the make excuse mode as it pertains to David Wright , cheap pill viagra if Terry Collins feels that the back and neck problems Wright is experiencing has led to his piss poor plate production, cheap pill viagra then sit him down, cheap pill viagra otherwise keep your feelings to yourself.

Cheap pill viagra Very hard to criticize Sandy Alderson for signing Chris Young, cheap pill viagra it was a gamble that didn’t work out. Cheap pill viagra Same as taking Brad Emaus as a Rule 5 pick. Cheap pill viagra Eamus didn’t work out and he was cut, cheap pill viagra Young couldn’t stay healthy now he’s gone as well. Cheap pill viagra Pedro Beato was a Rule 5 that works and so far Chris Capuano  a wounded pitcher, cheap pill viagra who so far is healthy and working out fine. Cheap pill viagra  Shit happens and you deal with it, cheap pill viagra that’s the Alderson way.

Cheap pill viagra We can’t be shocked about Young, cheap pill viagra disappointed yes, cheap pill viagra but not shocked. Cheap pill viagra He had bicep problems earlier and a history of shoulder trouble so every pitch could have been his last.

Cheap pill viagra If Willie Harris is not an ex-Met by lunch time I will be very disappointed. Cheap pill viagra I can’t believe this is the same player who struck fear in Mets fans hearts but he has still kept his reputation as a Mets Killer, cheap pill viagra but this time as a member of the Mets. Cheap pill viagra The fact that terry Collins said that Harris ran on his own, cheap pill viagra there by throwing him under the bus, cheap pill viagra tells you the manager as had enough, cheap pill viagra let’s see if the GM agrees.

Cheap pill viagra You can add Chin-lung Hu to the cut him list to he may be the worst player the Mets have had since Mike Glavine.

Cheap pill viagra I thought Keith Hernandez was going to jump out of the booth last night after  Josh Thole took a 3-1 pitch and then walked in the 6th with second and third 2 outs and the pitchers spot on deck. Cheap pill viagra  Mex wigged out that Thole “had two Rib Eye’s “ in scoring position and the pitcher up next would settle for a walk and not battle to drive those Rib-Eyes home. Cheap pill viagra  I’m with Keith here, cheap pill viagra 3 and 1 with two runners in scoring position and you take the pitch? I’ll give you the rookie mistake and hopefully young Josh learns from that.

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