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China viagra I was so sorry I missed going out to Citi Field on Saturday and the tribute to Dana Brand at the location of where home plate of Shea Stadium was. China viagra I am honored to be a contributor to a book that has been published with essays by fellow Mets bloggers titled “Mets Brand” honoring Dana. China viagra All the proceeds of the book will be donated to Lynn Cohen’s Pitch for a Good Cause.

China viagra There seems to be this misconception about Daniel Murphy’s defense. China viagra I’m not proclaiming Murph is a solid defender but he’s not the liability some in the fan base make him out to be. China viagra The media plays into this as well, china viagra more the national drop ins on FOX and ESPN who have a tough time doing their homework before broadcasting games, china viagra mostly because of their disdain for statistical analysis. China viagra If you look at the numbers Murph is not a bad 1st baseman, china viagra he’s a serviceable 2nd baseman and an ok fill in at 3rd base. China viagra His biggest problem is he doesn’t have the power that is needed to play a corner position but his production is perfect for 2nd base. China viagra With David Wright ready to come back by the end of the week, china viagra figure Lucas Duda or Jason Pridie would have to be moved with Murph and Nick Evans holding down 1st base and Justin Turner taking over 2nd base with Ruben Tejada back to his utility role.

China viagra I’d love to spy on the meetings Sandy Alderson and his staff have when the subject of Jason Bay comes up. China viagra I just picture Alderson leaning back in his chair with his hands in back of his head offering a major bonus to anyone who can remotely solve this very expensive dilemma. China viagra  I have no idea how the Mets get away from Bay’s declining performance at the unbelievable price of $35 mil over the next 3 years. China viagra  That contract is untradeable unless the Mets were to eat at least half of that deal. China viagra Bay is troubled by his lack of production and he works hard to improve but you wonder what runs through his mind when each and every day he’s asked the same questions over and over again and now that the boos are reigning from the Citi Field stands, china viagra I’d be  surprised if he is in the lineup tonight, china viagra I’d bet we see Willie Harris in LF for the makeup game with the Fish.

China viagra We are in the throes of the Last Days of Mike Pelfrey. China viagra If he’s not dealt, china viagra he’ll be DFA. China viagra I’d be SHOCKED if Pelfrey is a Met in 2012.

China viagra I’m ready to add Angel Pagan in that equation as well. China viagra Pagan has had a tough season offensively and a lot of that has been due to injury but a decision will have to be made here as well with Pagan making $3.5 mil this year and looking at a bump in pay to $5-$5.5 mil. China viagra Is Pagan worth that much? I don’t think so.

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