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Viagra store in canada The sad part of the Mets career of Carlos Beltran was just when he was enjoying being a NY Met and having the fan base sing praise and glory to his name, viagra store in canada it was time to go. Viagra store in canada Just when he felt secure that the front office and the field manager were 100 % behind him and treated him with the respect he deserved, viagra store in canada it was time to go.  With all the retrospect of Beltran’s career as a Met and with all the high (and deserved) praise that Beltran has received this season the bottom line is, viagra store in canada it was time to go. Viagra store in canada  

Viagra store in canada Beltran lived up to the hype and money of his 7 year deal. Viagra store in canada I love the irony displayed by many in the fan base, viagra store in canada the same ones who vilified Beltran for taking a third strike in the 2006 NLCS (forgetting he hit .296/.387/.667 with 3 home runs against the Cardinals in that series) and labeled him soft even after the horrific collision he had with Mike Cameron in San Diego on August 11th 2005 and returned to action on August  17th , viagra store in canada just missing six games.

Viagra store in canada Beltran was not betrayed just by the fans but by ownership and the previous front office as well. Viagra store in canada When it came to handling the serious knee injuries he suffered, viagra store in canada the training staff, viagra store in canada GM and owner botched things so badly that Beltran felt he had to go and get his knees worked on his own. Viagra store in canada When he found a doctor who told him he needed surgery and he needed it now, viagra store in canada Beltran and his agent Scott Boras went through all the proper channels to get medical clearance from the Mets doctors (who get wrongfully maligned) and the trainer and GM to get the right insurance papers signed, viagra store in canada it was the GM (who has always been portrayed as a standup guy but really wasn’t) that tried to spin it as Beltran going rogue.

Viagra store in canada I’ve always felt that Beltran had this reserved way about him due to his mistrust and mistreatment by the former GM, viagra store in canada managers and the owner. Viagra store in canada It wasn’t until Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins showed him the veteran respect he had earned that he felt more like a vital part of the team. Viagra store in canada In return, viagra store in canada Beltran was able to be as productive as he was as he knew the days of bullshit artists running the team were over. Viagra store in canada  

Viagra store in canada Alderson and Collins saw just how hard Beltran worked to get back in shape to get back on the playing field. Viagra store in canada Collins saw Beltran strap on that knee brace game after game and fighting the manager whenever he wanted to give him a day off. Viagra store in canada It’s a simple situation, viagra store in canada when players see a manager have their back, viagra store in canada they will run through hot coals for him or in Beltran’s case thank him for his trust and belief in him by being the star baseball player that he is.

Viagra store in canada Sandy Alderson did what he had to do, viagra store in canada at the age of 34, viagra store in canada on the last year of his deal and with a knee that will never get better and a team while playing good and inspired baseball that will not be a post season participant, viagra store in canada trading Beltran to a team in the post season hunt made tons of sense. Viagra store in canada The fact that Alderson got back exactly what he wanted in Zack Wheeler, viagra store in canada a top pitching prospect, viagra store in canada makes it all the better.

Viagra store in canada We will all miss Beltran and his familiar “El Esta Aqui” walk up song but don’t feel sorry for Beltran. Viagra store in canada He joins a team on which he will make a difference and a team that has strong pitching that is built for the post season. Viagra store in canada Hopefully the Giants repeat and Beltran gets a World Series ring.

Viagra store in canada As for Mets fans, viagra store in canada anyone who feels this team is not worthy of buying a ticket to watch at Citi Field or to follow on SNY and WFAN, viagra store in canada just admit to yourself you’re not a Mets fan. Viagra store in canada How could you call yourself a Mets fan and not be thrilled with the play of this 2011 edition?  The last two seasons the cry from Metsaptania was “play the kids, viagra store in canada play the kids, viagra store in canada we want the kids” Well, viagra store in canada the kids are here and the kids are all right. Viagra store in canada Sure not being in a pennant race sucks but when you have a team that plays hard, viagra store in canada never quits, viagra store in canada handles adversity great, viagra store in canada you should be proud of that team. Viagra store in canada Stop listening and reading the NYC MSM who for some reason (ownership maybe?) tries to focus on the blemishes of this team. Viagra store in canada Those same media types will be jumping on the Mets bandwagon in the next year or two when the Mets are fighting for a post season berth. Viagra store in canada This Beltran deal hurts the MSM because it was a positive for the Mets and finally not since Frank Cashen and his bow tie ran this club has a GM made as much an impact as Sandy Alderson has on the Mets. Viagra store in canada Don’t forget Terry Collins as well, viagra store in canada who has not only shown that a man can learn from his past failures but he has shut up the We Want Wally Backman Teabaggers as well. Viagra store in canada As much as I was a Backman fan, viagra store in canada there is no way he could have done any better than Collins has done this year.

Viagra store in canada There is a bit of a 1984 feeling around Flushing these days and if next year has a 1985 feeling, viagra store in canada well, viagra store in canada all you folks not going to Citi Field will be shit out of luck next year when Citi Field will be THE place to be and your ass can’t find a seat to sit in.

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