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Cialis usa Last night I tuned into the Mets post game show right in the middle of a Bobby Ojeda rant. Cialis usa It seems Bobby O feels the Mets should  (if I heard this right) forget about re-signing Jose Reyes to a big contract and instead focus on obtaining pitching both starting and relievers that the team sorely lacks. Cialis usa With Reyes latest revelation that his hammy is still tight and the comments by Ojeda, cialis usa where I was once sure the Mets and Reyes would find a way to make a deal, cialis usa I’m not as optimistic now and I’m kind of leaning in Bobby O’s direction.

Cialis usa There is not a stronger lighting rod subject among Mets fans that the status of Reyes and David Wright. Cialis usa Even in the MSM and amongst the bloggers, cialis usa if you take the names of Reyes and Wright in vain, cialis usa expect a shit storm of negative comments to come your way. Cialis usa We love them same as we love R.A. Cialis usa Dickey and Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans and every single prospect from Bingamton down to Kingsport. Cialis usa There is no in between with Mets fans toward Mets players we either love you or loath you.

Cialis usa But we are also sick of losing, cialis usa of being mocked and for being treated like this is the worst organization in baseball. Cialis usa With all the mismanagement and gullible owners, cialis usa this organization is not the disaster it’s portrayed to be. Cialis usa But maybe there comes a time where a GM has to make the decision that the fan base will not only be unhappy with but claim they will secede from the fan base, cialis usa maybe Sandy Alderson should tell Reyes and his reps that the two draft picks the Mets get are worth more than five years of sore hammy’s and second division finishes. Cialis usa Maybe Alderson has to make it known that Wright can be had in the right deal? Maybe it’s time to blow this up and stop fooling ourselves the Mets will contend ion 2012. Cialis usa For what , cialis usa the top pick in the armature draft in 2013? Surely not a pennant.

Cialis usa All you hear is fans saying “if Reyes is not re-signed I’ll never set foot in Citi Field again” Same thing if Wright is dealt. Cialis usa But these same “fans” stay away because the team falls out of contention but the middle of August. Cialis usa Ok which is it?

Cialis usa Fans are not going to Mets games now as it is, cialis usa when you have to have a night for cancer awareness, cialis usa Star Wars, cialis usa a salute to the Philippines and set aside a section for people to come knit, cialis usa yes I said KNIT then your problems are deep and need a serious attention.

Cialis usa This is not at all a rant against Reyes or Wright as they are not at all to blame for the last few years of dreck in Flushing, cialis usa but if your team has awful pitching and defense and a stagnant offense is it worth it to have a $20 mil a year shortstop with sore hamstrings and a $15 mil 3rd baseman you has lost his way offensively and defensively?  If you say yes, cialis usa then get your Darth Vader suit and knitting needles ready for 2012 and beyond.

Cialis usa Here it is September when pennant races should be the topic of conversation but we as Mets fans have a Star Wars night and old ladies knitting in the ¼ filled stands. Cialis usa Well, cialis usa I’m fucking sick of it and another thing , cialis usawhat the hell is Terry Collins thinking having Willie Harris bunting with Angel Pagan on 1st with no outs in the 6th inning of a 2-2 game? Are you serious? That was right out the Jerry Manuel Too Cool For Baseball School Handbook. Cialis usa  Agggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr who cares. Cialis usa Knit one, cialis usa Pearl two.

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