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Viagra movies While I was riding the Staten Island Ferry on my way home from the Mets finale at Citi Field yesterday, viagra movies I was reading over the notes I took during the game. Viagra movies I decided to invoke my “sleep on  it before writing” rule because it was quite an emotional day and even after “sleeping on it” I’m still having a tough time deciphering where this organization is headed, viagra movies positive or negative. Viagra movies It’s the most confused and befuddled I’ve ever been in my 47 years of Mets fandom. Viagra movies  

Viagra movies Before my stream of semi-conscience begins please turn to page 1986 in your Mets Missalette to read the words of fellow Mets blogger/fan/Staten Islander by way of Brooklyn, viagra movies Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus who lays out the events of yesterday quite eloquently.

Viagra movies Usually when I ride the 7 train to Citi Field, viagra movies it’s filled with a full platoon of uniformed Mets fans excited to be headed to see their beloved Metropolitans. Viagra movies Yesterday on an 11AM 7 train out of Times Square, viagra movies I was the lone infantry man in the car. Viagra movies If there was an invasion of Loyal Order of Red Legs. Viagra movies I’d have fought a losing battle.

Viagra movies I spent the time on the train reading this outstanding book, viagra movies I had no real emotion about the day. Viagra movies It wasn’t until we left the 111 St station and Citi Field was on the horizon, viagra movies I stared having flashbacks to Mets games of yore, viagra movies good days, viagra movies days when you could not get to the ball park fast enough. Viagra movies Games I went to that Tom Seaver pitched in, viagra movies for some reason the game he struck out Manny Sanguillen for his 200 K back in 1975 to become the first pitcher to K 200 batters in eight straight seasons, viagra movies popped in my head, viagra movies another obscure game I was at that flashed in my mind was the walk off home run by Steve “Hendu” Henderson against the Giants in 1975. Viagra movies What sticks out for me in that one is, viagra movies my friends and I bet on the Mets in this game for the sole reason we had hung out at a bar in Bay Ridge with Pete Falcone the weekend before and he was the games starting pitcher. Viagra movies I have to come clean and let you know we didn’t stay for the whole game, viagra movies and we didn’t know the outcome until we got back to the neighborhood when we were informed of our “busted ass” luck.

Viagra movies When I got off the train at Citi Field-Willets Point the depression set in. Viagra movies The weather didn’t help that grey muggy one second it’s warm, viagra movies the next it’s chilly temps, viagra movies just like our Mets. Viagra movies After a summit on the Shea Bridge that Ed reported on, viagra movies I headed to the Shake Shack for a burger (the line was long but not the usual four wraparounds) and then made my way to my $2 (Stub Hub-a Hub-a) buck seat in Section 519, viagra movies just in time to see Jose Reyes’ first at bat of the day. Viagra movies Little did I know it would be his only at bat of the day.

Viagra movies This is why I invoked “my sleep on it rule” because at the moment Reyes came out of the game I was one ornery fucker. Viagra movies What bother me the most and still does was THE WAY he came out of the game. Viagra movies Reyes should have gone to his shortstop position and have Bastia step off and call time and then let Turner enter into the game. Viagra movies Would I have liked to see Reyes play the whole game? Of course, viagra movies but his coming out of the game to protect a batting title is not unprecedented.

Viagra movies What also conflicts me with Reyes is the fact I really like him as a player and a person and I hope he’s back as a Met next year but if he signs elsewhere I’m not going to be sad or heartbroken. Viagra movies I still feel that Jose wants to stay a Met but I’m sure there will be One Dumb Owner who will make an offer that Sandy Alderson can refuse.

Viagra movies It’s time for us Mets fans to face facts, viagra movies and the to face those facts we are fortunate to have someone like Howard Megdal to report the facts as he does here in his piece for New York Magazine which lays out the awful truth about the Skill Sets, viagra movies their finances and the direction the club his headed due to money that would have been funneled into the baseball team will instead go to lawyers, viagra movies creditors and maybe the Madoff Trust.

Viagra movies If you don’t have the stomach for some tough times in Flushing, viagra movies it may be time for you to find another rooting interest in baseball because it looks like a very rocky road here for a couple of years. Viagra movies The team in the Bronx may have some openings, viagra movies especially after the Mowtown Cats sweep them in the ALDS.

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