Okay folks as promised here is the Who Stays, Who Goes pitchers division for the New York Mets. The 2011 Mets were woeful tossing a baseball from sixty feet six inches which is why the front office is thinking long and hard (that’s what she said, I miss Michael Gary Scott) about going overboard in signing Jose Reyes to long term, big money deal. Better to use the Reyes money towards finding some good decent pitching.

So with that here we go:

R.A. Dickey-I wish the Mets had about three more pitchers like R.A. The guy is a true professional who goes out each and every start and gives you quality even while fighting off the pain of a plantar fasciitis injury, a true gamer. What amazes me more about Dickey is his low walk total, 2.3 BB/9 for a knuckleballer. You better believe he STAYS

Mike Pelfrey-Now we get to the Anti-Dickey, Big Pelf. He is a guy with a great pitchers body, a durable arm that has the talent to throw hard and change speeds but the inability to but those gifts to good use.  Between the inconsistency of Pelfrey from start to start (sometimes from inning to inning) and the mound meltdowns to go with his annoying habit of licking his hand, the majority of Mets fans would love to see Pelfrey become an ex-Met, and they may be right but I say he STAYS, for one more year make on a break contract.

Chris Capuano-A dumpster dive by Sandy Alderson that paid off. Cap gave the Mets more innings than he could have imagined as due to numerous injuries, he never pitch more than the 186 innings he did this season since 2006. Early in the year there was talk of putting Cap in the pen as long man/swing man but he was starting to get consistent with at least 6innings a start which in turn triggered the incentive clauses in his contract that helped Cap triple his base contract. Love to have Capuano STAY but being a lefty and effective he may be too pricey for Mets .

Dilon Gee-One of the bright spots on this Mets pitching staff. Unlike Pelfrey, Gee seems to know exactly what he’s doing on the mound, like he has a real plan and he does his best to execute it. His biggest downfall is the base on balls, hopefully he can corral his command issues, if he does, he will be a solid starting pitcher for a long time. Hell yeah he STAYS.

Jon Niese-Good thing about Niese is he throws strikes, bad thing about Niese those strikes are very hittable. If Niese can learn to fool hitters and stay healthy, then he and Gee could be the Mets #3 and #4 starting pitchers for a good while. STAY

Bobby Parnell-He’s no closer and the front office knows it. He won’t be on the big league team next year as he’ll either be dealt off or be a member in good standing of the Buffalo Bison. Classic example of the Rick Peterson line “there are guys who can throw 100 MPH driving UPS trucks” GOES

Jason Isringhausen-Great story. Comes back to Mets and gets his 300 save. But Izzy is done here and maybe for good. The mind is willing but the body isn’t. GOES but thanks Izzy.

Pedro Beato-Wore down as the season went on as the Mets had no choice but to keep his valuable arm on the big league team due to his Rule V status. Alderson has hinted already that Beato is Buffalo bound in 2012, good move. STAY

Tim Byrdak-He is what he is, a LOOGY and a pretty good one. Signed a contract extension last week of season so he STAYS.

D.J. Carrasco-Mets wanted Carrasco to be a late inning reliever but what he turned into was a batting practice pitcher for the opposition. Started throwing from down under so who knows it may help, it can’t hurt. One of Alderson’s few bad moves giving DJ a two year deal. Hopefully he turns into one of these relievers who bounces back from a bad year to have a good one. STAY   

Ryota Igarashi-Even though Igarashi pitched pretty good in September, he won’t be back in 2012. Good riddance GOES    

Manny Acosta-Acosta won himself a contract for next season with a very strong August and September. Acosta STAYS because of his effective two months and he’ll work cheap.

Miguel Batista– Too bad for Batista that Omar isn’t in charge anymore as after his start on the last day of the season, Minaya would have signed the 40 year old righty to a 5 year deal. Not the current GM, if lucky Batista gets a spring invite and lands in Buffalo. GOES

Taylor Buchholz-After leaving the team with to deal with depression he became the organizations forgotten man. I hope wherever he is he’s dealing with his troubles and getting better. I guess I’ll put Buchholz in the GOES column as his issues seem bigger than playing baseball.

Chris Young-Nice try signing Young as low risk, high reward pitcher but his shoulder didn’t hold up. Oh well win some, lose some. GOES

Chris Schwinden-Looked like he was overwhelmed by the big league experience but again he works cheap and maybe the big league jitters will be behind him. A shaky STAY  

Josh Stinson-didn’t show much in his big league audition. He’ll get an invite to St Lonesome or maybe a throw in a deal this offseason. If not he’s another STAY with Buffalo as his destination.

Danny Herrera-there is something about Herrera that I like. I don’t know if it’s my admiration that a guy with his lack of size is in the big leagues, or he has a great head of hair or he could be the second LOOGY that Alderson wants to add for a bargain price? But I think he STAYS and gets a good look in St. Lonesome to be the second lefty in the pen

Pat Misch-Enjoy Japan Pat. GOOOOOOOOOOES   


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