Six pitchers to win a nine inning baseball game, welcome to the next re-invention of baseball, courtesy of The Genius.  The biggest impression I have of the post season is that we are now going from having a setup man and closer as your main relievers to having to have at least seven pitchers who can come out of your pen, game in game out.  Before the post season even started, Sandy Alderson made it known that rebuilding his bullpen would be job one.  

The story of Game one changes dramatically if Allen Craig does not come through with that huge pinch hit single to put the Cards ahead 3-2. The second guessers and LaRussa haters (I raise my hand) would have been out in full force. Just goes to show the difference between a genius and an asshole in baseball is a fair ball.

There was a terrific column by Adam Rubin on ESPNNY.com on how the readiness of Ruben Tejada could soften the blow of Jose Reyes leaving for greener (backs) pastures. Rubin quotes Mark Simon, ESPN’s numbers cruncher with stats that show me the Mets would be better off with Reyes leaving and Tejada taking over shortstop and using the money saved on pitching. Defensively you really don’t lose much with Tejeda (according to the metrics the Mets would gain with Tejeda at shortstop) it’s on offense where you lose the most.

“If you look at it from a WAR [wins above replacement] perspective, Reyes was a 6.2 last year via Fangraphs. Tejada was a 1.8,” Simon said. “The question would be: What is Tejada at his best … maybe a 3-WAR player? So there is a drop-off.”

You’d think that a healthy Ike Davis, David Wright (if he’s not dealt) with the fences of Citi Field lower and closers (and painted blue I hope),and a rejuvenated Jason Bay (a guy can dream can’t he) would make up for the offensive slack lost by the dearly departed Reyes   

I think this quote from an NL scout sums it up:

  Said one National League scout: “Tejada is ready to play every day. Save the money and go get some pitching. You’re not winning anything in 2012 anyway. Find out if the kid can do it. He really has improved with the bat and gotten physically stronger. He’s going to need a backup, though, in case he gets hurt or needs a day off”

As Mets fans, we need to root for three more Redbird wins in a row so we can get our off season started, the suspense is killing me.

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  1. And where exactly is this money going to be spent on pitching? The Bullpen?

    The Cardinals bullpen cost all of $9.1MM in 2011 and that is with the epic waste on Ryan Franklin included.

    If the Mets let Reyes go, what they are going to find in 2013 is that they are searching for offense, with a decrepit Jason Bay still on the roster earning big money wasting time and space.

    If the Mets need to reinvest in building a bullpen it should be at the expense of Mike Pelfrey and Angel Pagan. Even if the Mets are giving Reyes $20-$22MM per year in 2012 the Mets would still have $20-$30MM to put toward filling out their roster after contracted players are considered. Assuming we believe that Alderson can spend $110MM.

  2. Sounds good if names are put with this “pitching.” Are we talking starting or relief pitching? Cause the Mets obviously need both. I don’t think the Mets can add enough “pitching” to be competitive without Reyes. We all know Tejada will never be Reyes. Just having Wright and Davis is not enough offensively. They will have to go after other players such as BJ Upton (if he’s obtainable) and another SS-2B like Clint Barmes or Orlando Cabrera or Rafael Furcal for depth and add an offensive catcher like Giovanny Soto. If the Mets make moves similar to these add add some pitching, then the loss of Reyes hurts the Mets less then spending on “pitching.”

  3. Anthony Naughton says:

    What the Mets need to do is this:

    1. Re-sign Reyes and keep him and Wright on the left side of the infield. Put Tejada at 2nd base and keep Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy on the bench to spell everyone on the infield to keep them fresh. You could even let Murphy split time with Bay in LF so long as Bay continues to forget why he was signed to play LF for the Mets and if Duda proves he can handle RF everyday.

    2. Get C.J. Wilson from Texas this off-season to make a rotation of (a healthy) Johan Santana, (a healthy)Chris Young, Dillon Gee, C.J Wilson, Jonathon Niese, and make Pelfrey and Dickey come out of the bullpen to be an emergency starter so as to combat the heavy left-handed power of the Phillies, Braves, and Nationals.

    3. Sign Papelbon or Heath Bell to be a closer, and get Javier Lopez from SF to help Byrdak with the lefty matchups too. Don’t do to Byrdak what they did to Feliciano and burn him out as the only lefty.

    4. Sign someone who can play everyday to challenge Pagan in CF if he can’t stay healthy so that way we have pieces in place in case of injury.

  4. Dave In Spain says:

    1. Sign Jamey Carroll to split 2B with Murphy/Turner and backup SS.
    2. Sign Javier Vazquez to a 2 year $15 mil deal.
    3. Trade Pelfrey to Colorado for Houston Street (other players in deal too, but that´s a different post).
    4. Sign Dan Wheeler to a one year deal.
    5. George Sherrill as LHRP? or J. Affeldt (if his option isn´t picked up).

  5. “As Mets fans, we need to root for three more Redbird wins in a row so we can get our off season started, the suspense is killing me.”

    As a fellow LaRussa hater I’m not sure where this came from. I’m all in for Texas, rooting for Nolan and the local boy (GM) made good. Cards can burn; too much to like about the Rangers and how they did it. Started with dumping Arod and they finish by overcoming the loss of their Ace to the trash down 95.

  6. I think that with Murphy at 2nd base in the lineup we do need to go for pitching. Murphy will hit even better this year with the new ballpark changes.His defense will get better. Murphy,Wright,Bay,Davis will carry the team for offense.

  7. @Anthony Naughton
    Never gonna happen, my fellow Anthony. You really expect the Mets to be able to afford Wilson, Reyes, Bell or Pap, and tendering a contract to Pagan and Pelfrey while cutting payroll down to the $110 million that Alderson has told us? Even if they wanted to do it, Wilpon’s pockets are stitched shut for now.

    There is also no telling what Santana is going to look like and Young pitched five good games last year before calling it quits for the season.

    Tejada definitely improved this year but I think Murphy is a better hitter and has shown the ability to play second base (albeit with a slightly below average performance). If tejada proves he can get more extra base hits in spring training then I think he deserves the second base spot. It was encouraging, though, to see him work his at-bats and be disciplined at the plate.

  8. CJ Wilson is going to cost way too much money. If you sign him and Reyes alone, with raises due to arbitration players and those players under contract you’ll put the Mets over budget. Move Dickey to the pen/emergency starter role?? You’re going to take your teams best starter over the last 2 years, a guy who also can go 7-8 innings each start and rest your pen, and move him to the pen? As for signing Papelbon or Bell, with Wilson signed where would you get the money? And as for Bell, he has a reputation for poor conditioning and all of his stats indicate the start of a downward spiral (BABIP, SO and BB, etc…). As for someone to pair with Byrdak, why not stick with what we have in house in Daniel Herrera? I actually would like to see them sign someone to play CF, but the budget will be tight for that so let’s not get our hopes up on whoever that would be.

  9. Denes Rodriguez says:

    1. We should make a run for Reyes(btw my fav. player) about 5 years and 18 mil per season. If signs somewhere else. We just move Tejada to short, and have Turner and Murphy battle out the 2nd base job.

    2. We should sign Buehrle to a 3 year and 9 mil per year. If not, make a run for CJ Wilson. Have one of them complete the Rotation.

    3. As for the bulpen, re-sign Acosta. Attempt to sign Zumaya, Heilman, Kuo (if he ops out, Coffey. As for a left handed we should sign Javier Lopez.

    4. In the out field Re-sign Hairston. Also sign David DeJesus. Non-tender Pagan

  10. Sportswriters have written the Mets off for another 4th place finish next year with or without Reyes. Four consective finishes.It is time to rebuid now. Let us find out if Tejada is the answer at short or second base; Duda in right, MUrphy at 3rd 0r second. The Mets need to find a place in the batting order for Murphy.I have afeeling that Jason Bay will find his hitting prowess.The minors have good players coming along, particularly in pittiching and the outfield.It is time to move on

  11. What was wrong with my comments. Tejada at S/S Murphy at 2nd base. Go for pitching. You have Davis,Bay,Wright,Duda,Murphy for offense with the new field changed they will carry the team.

  12. 1) Try to trade santana and pagan even if we have to take back a bad contract yanks for aj burnett,gardner and nunez.That saves the mets about 7mil a yr.that knocks down payroll to about 70mil

    2)Then i would try and sign fielder and cjwilson
    3)Let reyes walk he’s definitely not worth the money cause he will get hurt again.
    4)Sign a closer
    5)Let pelfrey and issy go
    lineup; gardner,murphy,wright,fielder,bay,duda,thole and tejada
    rotation; cjwilson,burnett,niese,dickey and gee payroll around the 110 mil

  13. @Anthony Naughton – Why would you take our (proven) most reliable pitcher who can go deep into the game, and who gives his all in every game, and put him in the pen? I think it would be an insult to a pitcher who has held up his end of the bargain, in spades, been an absolute professional and has not got the run support to back him up. A job well done should not be rewarded with a walk to the pen imo.

  14. From DR:

    Mets lost their opportunity to trade Reyes for some good prospects in the middle season. That was a wrong decision from the GM office.

    What the Mets need to do is:

    1. Tejada play SS and Murphy 2b (this guy is a way talent hitter, can´t be out from lineup).

    2. Sign Jamey Carroll for 2b back up

    3. Out Pagan. Run for Sizemore to CF or put Duda in the regular position.

    4. Re-sign Capuano. Sign a type B pitcher like Harden or Buerhle. Not re sign Young.
    Find a descent pitcher like Jon Garland or doug david for bullpen a back up sp.

    5. Sign a closer like Broxton and put Mejia in 8 ining role. Sign Mike gonzalez or javier lopez.

    5. Staring rotation: Santana, Harden, Pelfrey, Niese, Capuano/Dickey.

    6. Sign a catcher like Gerald Laird or Dioner Navarro. Put Thole in back up.

  15. @Anthony Naughton – Anthony you might make a miserable GM but at least ur an optimist which unfortunately doesnt translate 2 much in baseball. Yes lets make dickey come out of the pen even though we got 2 good seasons out of him. Really? The best thing to do is lose reyes take the draft picks cause we aint gonna make a run this season anyways. We have some good pitching projects we should let develop and see where they are a season from now and then spend the money. Why waste money on a Wilson when we could wait a season and then determine how dire our needs are. I understand no one wants to give up on a season but to be honest I would give up 10 seasons if it meant I would get 1 world series championship its a better rate then we have now.

  16. I would sign reyes, and trade wright. David is not going to carry a team, and his numbers do not support 15 million a year. Murphy can play third, and put tejada at second.


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